Last chance to play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for Free

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Earlier this year, the COD lads gave us a nice present with their brand new title in the Black Ops series called ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’. Yes, it’s a name and not an address and its trailer caught a lot of attention. The game was although nothing too ground-breaking or had the ‘wow’ factor in it. The game’s score is not that impressive on many boards like it has 76% on Metacritic, 3/5 on Eurogamer, etc. The only thing COD players can mutually agree to have liked in this was its good old ‘Zombies’ game mode. The campaign on the other hand was, good but it was a short one while the multiplayer being the least favorite of many.

On 17th Dec by an official tweet, they had revealed some exciting news to the community as some sort of Christmas gift and marketing. COD: Black Ops Cold War is free to access for everyone starting from 17/12/20 at 10 AM PT to 24/12/20 at 10 AM PT. It includes unlocked multiplayer maps and game modes like Prop Hunt, Nuketown Holiday 24/7, Raid the mall, etc. along with the selection of 18 different maps in the map pool. A full week to try the full game for yourself and choose whether you want to buy it in the future based on your experience. New players can also enjoy it along with their friends, who already own the game.

Main Attraction:

The first stage of access was from 17th to 21st Dec, which included game modes like 2v2 Gunfight, Team Death Match, featured playlists like Nuketown 24/7 and Raid the Mall, and Domination. The first phase was indeed a success as many new players, who were skeptical about the game, were able to try it for themselves for free. While many people were still unaware of this and probably thought that they had missed their chances, they will be incorrect. As the second phase of the Free Access is still live and will be available until 10AM PT 24th Dec 2020. It features the classic Call of Duty Prop Hunt, Combined Arms: Hardpoint, and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. This is like a second opportunity, within the first opportunity, for those who have missed out. So grab the opportunity as soon as possible at app by Blizzard entertainment.

Extra Rewards:

Along with all these, there are few more holiday presents allotted by the developers. All operators will earn perks like Double XP and double weapon bonuses in rewards in all available game modes. This was rolled out to everyone who were playing, regardless if they owned the game or were on free access, from 10 AM PT 18th Dec to 10 AM PT 21st Dec.
But wait there’s more! All players will earn Double Battle Pass XP rewards in Multiplayer which will relatively speed up the time of unlocking Battle Pass Content rewards by double the speed. This will ease the process of leveling up your weapons, operators, and BP tiers which is great for those who like to grind. The best part about this is that this feature will be available in action from 22nd Dec to 28th Dec. Full 10 days to rapidly level-up the Battle Pass tiers. This feature will be available from 22nd to 25th only in the Black Ops Cold War while it will be available for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone from 25th to 28th.
[An important thing to keep in mind is that only the Double Battle Pass XP rewards will be available from 22nd to 28th. But the Free Access to the game will end on the scheduled 24th Dec 2020.]

Free weekend access for games is a very successful strategy to attract new and unfiltered players to the game. Many people, who try the game for free, often tend to purchase it and the game itself gets huge publicity. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved as the company has their sales, new players get to enjoy the game for free, and the players who already own the game get so many earned rewards to keep.