Mario Golf Super Rush: Everything About Release Date, Game Modes & Characters

If you want to know about the Release date, game modes, characters of new Mario Golf Super Rush, then this guide is for you.

Mario Golf Super Rush Everything About Release Date, Game Modes & Characters

Mario Golf Super Rush – We have always provided you guys with the best information that is available. So keeping this legacy forward we are back with another informative article. This time we are going to disclose all possible information about Mario Super Rush. Stay tuned to get all the information.

Mario Golf Super Rush:

Certainly, Mario has been one hell of a game. I being a kid was an eminent fan of the game itself. So we all know that there was a new trailer launched named Mario Super Rush lately. This trailer definitely got us with details, dates, and characters. What we can predict is that Nintendo has to do something with this including the sports games. As by the title, we can tell you that this is definitely going to be a golf game.


Mario Golf Super Rush, Release Date Leaks:

This is definitely going to be a single-player game. What we can predict is this game is going to be a hell of a party game. Looking forward to the excitement of the gamers we have fund out the release date as well. So the release date of the game is on June 25, 2023.

Mario Golf Super Rush Characters:

  • Mario: super strength regular shot goes farther than normal.
  • Luigi: The golf ball freezes the area around it on impact.
  • Wario: lightning storm messes with ball trajectory.
  • Waluigi: no known special move.
  • Peach: golf balls will move out of the way.
  • Daisy: Special shot is more powerful than normal.
  • Yoshi: Golf ball turns into an egg on impact.
  • Bowser: Special shot is more powerful than normal.
  • Bowser Jr.: no known specialty.
  • Boo: scares other balls on impact.
  • Donkey Kong: no Known specialty.
  • Rosalina: ball turns into Star Bits on impact.
  • Pauline: golf balls move out of the way for him.
  • Toad: Golden Mushroom grants super strength.
  • Chargin’ Chuck: breaks other players’ golf balls on impact.
  • King Bob-omb: The ball turns into mini-bombs that cause chaos.


Games Modes in Mario Golf Super Rush:

The game includes 3 known modes

Speed golf: The mode is simple; you have to put the ball first in the hole.

Battle golf: this is a kind of speed golf but you have 9 holes to shoot. The first guy putting 3 holes will be the winner

Golf Adventure: This is basically a single-play storyline adventure mode.


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