Mario Kart Tour to kick off New year with event

Mario Kart Tour

The Mario Kart Tour gets a brand new event just in time for the new year. Players can look forward to the 2023 New Year’s Eve tour soon to bring the new year to the Mario Kart Tour.

Starting December 29, 2020, at 10:00 PM PT, Mario Kart Tour will see the New Year 2023 Tour, starting the new year a few days before it begins. Nintendo has continued to sponsor a portable Mario race with thematic and content events, such as the Merry Mountain tour added to the Mario Kart Tour recently. This New Year’s celebration is just one example.


Lukita joins Mario Kart Tour

The new tour will see Lakitu join the team. Usually the rider on the cloud is a guide who takes racers who fall into the course or points the players in the right direction, but in this case he may not be ready to join the fun. It will be exciting to see Lakitu running around the corners of the Mario Kart Tour.

Currently, the Rosalina Tour event is taking place on the Mario Tour, and is about to wrap up. It will be replaced by the 2023 Tour New Year. So you have a few days left to go in and enjoy the content before New Year’s entertainment.

The study is called Merry Mountain and is the first course of the series, which means it has never appeared in another Mario Kart article before. Previous winter reviews simply add new themes and themes, but now the Mario Kart Tour is getting a new lesson to celebrate the holiday season.

Whether it’s a Halloween party, a Super Mario Sunshine costume, or a Sunset Tour on a Mario Tour, Nintendo’s game support allows players to keep up with something new, which helps the mobile game stay clean and fun in many ways.

Let’s see what this new event brings, until then happy gaming.