Mass Effect 2: How to complete the Krogan Sushi side mission and earn more morality points

Morality points are extremely important to survive in the endgame Suicide mission

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 doesn’t have any shortage of side missions and these smaller missions are extremely important because they will earn you some experience and morality points. In the Mass Effect Trilogy classic edition, morality can be tricky to navigate.

Thus, when Shepard is faced with a decision throughout the Mass Effect trilogy, the player can choose between a Paragon option, a Renegade option, or something more neutral. Your choice will lead you to earn morality points. Morality points are useful because the more morality points Shepard has in Paragon or Renegade, the more dialogue options open up in that style.

However, in Mass Effect 2, morality points are calculated based on the ratio of how many points are available in a given area to how many Shepard has collected. It means that you have to complete as many smaller missions and talk to as many people as possible to improve your morality score. لويس سواريز

So, here’s how you can complete one of the easy sides means that let you earn some worthwhile morality points. Once outside the Souvenir Shop on the Citadel in Mass Effect 2, Shepard can overhear two krogan wondering whether there are fish in the lakes of the Presidium.

After overhearing this krogan talking, it will open up a new side mission called Krogan Sushi. To complete the mission, Shepard will need to find out about fish on the Presidium and return to the krogan with the news.

How to complete the Krogan Sushi side mission

Mass Effect 2 Presidium Groundskeeper

First head upstairs or take a cab to Level 28 and enter the Dark Star Lounge. Near the bar, you will find a turian Presidium Groundskeeper and ask him whether there are fish in the lakes, and he will explain that the lakes are reservoirs for those living on the Presidium to get water.

Then head to Level 27 and approach the kurgans, ask them why they want to know about the fish. They can choose how to respond. The Paragon option allows Shepard to simply tell the krogan the truth, that there are no fish. The Renegade option allows Shepard to lie. اوراق الاونو With the Renegade option, Shepard can sell the krogan a fish, which they will claim came from the Presidium lakes.

No matter which you choose, it will result in five morality points, either toward Paragon or Renegade. عدد بطولات كريستيانو مع البرتغال It will also earn you 40 to 50 experience for completing this side mission. No matter what answer you give Krogan, they will pay them 1,000 credits for the information.