Mass Effect 3: Should You Cure the Genophage?

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Mass Effect 3 Genophase: Mass Effect: Legendary Edition allows players to launch one of the most popular sci-fi programs of all time. As the final game in the trilogy, Mass Effect 3 forces players to make many difficult decisions that undoubtedly affect the course of the game. One of those is the decision whether to treat Genophage or not and, without exception, has lasting effects.

All of this comes down to the mission Priority: Tuchanka, which ensures that while Eve is the key to healing Mass Effect 3 Genophase, creating one will take time. This means that the players must protect themselves and Eve from the harvesters while transporting Eve to Tunchanka safely. A few side machines are made unavailable by following this one, so removing those along the way would be good, especially to ensure that all the endings of Mass Effect 3 are accessible.

Mass Effect 3 Genophase

Mass Effect 3 Genophase

There is no right or wrong answer as to whether Mass Effect 3 Genophase should be treated. However, Wrex (or Wreav) is convinced that treatment is needed to complete the agreement between the crogan and the streams, and Shepard learns in advance that the Fabric will be applied to prevent any further spread of the drug.

This means that Shepard is ultimately left with the decision to allow Mordin Solus (or Padok Wiks) to sustain us, or stop him and allow the treatment to go wrong.

There are all sorts of results as a result of this last choice and a few others made during the same machines, even though they stick. Significantly, all results are available regardless of whether the Mordins or Wiks are present, making their names interchangeable. That said, here’s what you need to know about how each situation plays out for Mass Effect 3 Genophase.

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Stop Sabotage

After Shepard was warned of the Dalatrass vandalism, they were given two options. While the first opportunity is interrupted for Mass Effect 3 Genophase, the second opportunity in that hour is a real moment to decide the job.

At the end of the mission, if Shepard decides to warn Mordin’s contract with Dalatrass, Mordin sends the practice without error, even though he dies. Paragon disrupts the nets a few points of morality, but the result does not change.

Mass Effect 3 Genophase

Stop Mordin Solus (or Padok Wiks)

This is where things get tough for Mass Effect 3 Genophase. If Shepard agrees not to disclose the sabotage while on the road, Mordin suspects. At this point, if Shepard doesn’t tell Mordin about the perpetrator, Mordin looks the other way. From then on, Shepard tries to persuade Mordin that harassing Shroud and cheating on Krogan is the best.

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Two things can happen at this point for Mass Effect 3 Genophase, and they focus exclusively on the surviving Eve and Wrex. In that case, trying to persuade Mordin to leave Sroud sabotaged doesn’t work and, as a last resort, Shepard is given a Renegade rifle to shoot him. As expected, taking a gun leaves this sabotage perfect, and refusing to do so allows Mordin to post the practice.

With Wrex and Eve both dead now, a different option opens up that allows Mordin to be persuaded. This is also the only situation where Mordin lives. Instead of reversing the devastation, Mordin and Wiks both agree to file for their death but their actions vary slightly afterwards. Mordin becomes a military asset in the Crucible campaign, and the Wiks choose to become a farmer in a rich country, taking the secret to his grave.

Mass Effect 3 Genophase

The Result

Aside from the number of side-by-side machines gone, a few other things change after this decision. First, whether the treatment is over or not, krogan offers some military assets, more so if Wrex is a leader (and less if Eve or Wreav).

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Now, if Shepard chooses to trick the krogans and not cure Mass Effect 3 Genophase, he puts in place an exciting deal from Wrex later. Eventually, he finally finds out about the devastation and led to his death, removing the military power of krogan. On the other hand, if Wreav is a leader, deception is not found. In addition, the treatment of Mass Effect 3 Genophase gives nothing to the Salarians, while the injury treatment gives First Fleet and their Mordin (if saved).

Mass Effect 3 Genophase

Anyone’s guess is that treating Mass Effect 3 Genophase or not is the best decision although, in the case of Renegade vs Paragon, there is one last thing to be aware of. The battle power of the Salarian First Fleet is 150 points while Clan Urdnot and Wrex (and the krogan princesses) go out to 405. That means the Renegade players, who do not cure Mass Effect 3 Genophase and Wrex as a leader will weaken Shepard’s strength, but having Wreav as a leader gives 475 points between the two races.

Read all the details and make your decision about Mass Effect 3 Genophase, Until then happy gaming.