Mass Effect: How to avoid romancing the Squadmates

Better avoid romance in the game to avoid an awkward situation in the second part

Mass Effect

In Mass Effect, Shepard has the most kinder dialogues than anyone in the game and that might give his squad-mates some wrong ideas about the man’s intentions. You can’t even guess when the kinder lines will turn into flirting which might even start a relationship with a squadmate without realizing it.

The Game provides us with three possible romance choices, the first is the Kaidan Alenko for a female Shepard, Ashley Williams for a male Shepard, and Liara T’Soni for both male and female Shepard. However, things become complicated because none of these characters can join Shepard on their mission in Mass Effect 2, but if Shepard begins a romance with one of them, it can create awkward situations later, especially if Shepard wants to move on.

So, for those who want to avoid those awkward situations and just want to enjoy the game without much of the hassle, then this guide is meant for you. You can use specific dialogue options when conversing with Kaidan, Ashley, or Liara to express their lack of interest and shut down the romantic arcs before they begin.

 How to avoid romancing Kaidan, Ashley, and Liara in Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Liara Romance Male Shepard

The easiest and the most preferred choice of action is to choose more aggressive dialogue options, often from the first few conversations they have with their squadmates between missions.

The necessary dialogue options are:

  • Ashley: First conversation after the hearing; When she expresses concerns about recruiting Wrex and/or Garrus, choose the middle-left option, You’re out of line.
  • Kaidan: First conversation after the hearing; When he apologizes for getting informal, choose the bottom-right option, Just be ready.
  • Liara: The second conversation after rescue; When she asks if there is something between them, choose the middle-right option, I just want to be friends.

However, some of you may prefer to avoid the conversation completely between Shepard and Liara and either Kaidan or Ashley at all during the downtime between missions. However, while it may prevent the romance from being triggered it will cause the players to miss on some of the backstories of the character. جدول مباريات ufc But hey who gives as**t right?

But, if you accidentally triggered a romance with Kaidan or Ashley, they can also get out of it by leaving their accidental lover on Virmire. دبل زيرو Because one of them always must be left behind anyway, this can be one solution. Though I wouldn’t want to choose it you know, come on you can’t be that heartless, can you? This game has some dark choices of mates. قواعد لعبة اونو

But if you Shepard by some chances didn’t manage to avoid an accidental romance throughout Mass Effect, then you have a few chances to break things off before the endgame. When the Normandy is grounded, the romanced squad mate will come to comfort Shepard.

Then players can choose to dismiss them during this conversation using the bottom-right dialogue options. If that too didn’t manage to work, then ahead of the mission on Ilos, the squad mate Shepard romanced will visit them in the captain’s cabin. Control your hormones and reject them using the bottom-right conversation option to avoid sharing an intimate night and committing to the relationship. That’s it folks hope you enjoyed the read.