Minecraft 1.18: A Guide to Lapis Lazuli

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Minecraft is one of the most popular and widely played survival sandbox games. The game is generously composed of several types of blocks that create a virtual realm. Mining is a staple feature of the game and to survive in the world of Minecraft, players got to mine and explore a lot. The game offers many things, like items, animals, biomes, minerals, etc. One of such is the topic of today’s discussion, Lapis Lazuli.

If you have started playing the game recently, then there is a fair chance you might already have this item in your inventory. But what is its use and importance you may ask? To answer all the questions related to this item, please read this article down below.

What is Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft?

Lapis Lazuli is a type of mineral that can be found in the game while mining underground. The block is semi-blue in colour and has some very potential use cases. Lapis Lazuli can be sued as ammunition within an enchanting table, which can then be used to enchant different kinds of tools, weapons, armour and books.


The importance of enchantment is that it gives certain kinds of boosts, or perks, to a normal weapon. It is a very viable option, which will be helpful down the line. So, you might as well keep a good chunk of Lapis Lazuli in the game for the time.

How to get Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft?

There are a number of ways by which you can obtain this mineral. The ways are as follow;

1- Mining

We have mentioned earlier, that mining is a way to obtain this mineral. However, the chances of you running into Lapis Lazuli are not as bad as you would think. After the 1.18 update, they are quite abundantly found within levels of Y64 to -Y64.

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2- Trade

Trading is another aspect of Minecraft and if your luck is just right, you can come across a trader that might trade you for an item you are looking for. However, chances are slim on this option but are still viable.

3- Chests

You can also find them by opening chests in the game. The types of chests that might have Lapis Lazuli are a village temple chest, mineshaft chest and a shipwreck treasure chest. There are some other alternative ways to get it in the game but these three are the best ones. You can get up to 9 Lapis Lazuli from one block. There are other alternative uses of it, like blue firework stars, blue colour glowstick, blue concrete powder, blue carpet, etc.

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