Minecraft 1.18- An Easy Guide to Farm XP for Beginners!

Minecraft Campfire Recipe

If you are wondering whether XP is important in Minecraft then the answer is yes, it really is. Mojang has just released the Caves & Cliffs update Part II for the game. Experience points or XP is a popular factor in many games, including Minecraft. As a beginner, you should try farming some good XP in order to progress further into the game.

Why is XP essential in Minecraft?

While playing the game, you must have noticed a green number just in between your HP and Hunger bar. This number indicates your character’s current level. As you progress further into the game, do some work and collect experience orbs, it increases. This XP Level is important as it is essential to enhance items in the game. There are three levels of enchantment and it requires higher XP levels depending on the enchantment level.

Easy Ways to Farm XP in Minecraft 1.18

Here are some easy ways you can farm XP in the game, even if you have just started.


The game is about mining and building so this should be very easy. The more you mine in the game, the more different types of materials you will gather. As a vital part of the game meta, mining provides decent XP bonuses to players. But this process can be a bit tedious and slow. It is recommended to have at least an Iron Pickaxe or better to have a better experience.



Fishing in the game is very easy and you only need a fishing rod to do so. Just go nearby a decent sized pond or lake with fish visible and sit there to fish. Decent populated water will take about a few seconds to catch one fish. This is a nice way to gather XP in the game.


Trade w/ Villagers

Trading in Minecraft is an essential part as you can get some great deals on items you will definitely need. The more you trade, the more XP per trade you will get. You can find traders in most nearby Minecraft villages.

Tame Animals

Minecraft’s world is filled with animals all across. There are many types of animals like pigs, dogs, cows, chickens, horses, etc. scattered around. You can tame them usually by offering them food. Another quick and easy way to gather XP in the game. You can also build an animal farm with fences and they will breed. Animal breeding offers up a decent passive XP generation.



These have been 4 easy ways to farm XP in Minecraft. To know more about Minecraft and other game How to’s, Guides and Tutorials, be sure to follow us!