Minecraft 1.18- Easy Guide to Tame Parrots

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Minecraft features a wide selection of wildlife in-game. As one of the most popular and played survival craft games in the world, it implements animals as an important aspect. You can utilize animals for food, crafting materials and as pets. When you launch a new game, the chances of you coming in contact with animals are very high. However, that is not always the case. Among the list of many animals, Minecraft also features birds, especially Parrots in the game. They are exotic creatures, a must-have pet in the game.

If you are looking to know more about how to tame Parrots in Minecraft and how to breed them, this guide will help you.

Parrots in Minecraft

These exotic birds are a bit difficult to locate in the game. They are commonly known to imitate sound in the game. They can notice mobs in the game, even from a distance of 20 blocks away and they imitate their sound to notify the player. They are thus very useful to have as a pet in the game. Parrots in the game are of five colours, red, cyan, blue, grey and green.


How to tame Parrots in Minecraft?

Previously, Parrots could be tamed by feeding cookies. However, this way has have been changed and if you try feeding them cookies, they will die. Instead, you need to feed them melon seeds, wheat seeds, pumpkin seeds or beetroot seeds to tame them.

They are very rare animals so don’t waste your chances when you find one. The chances of successfully taming them on the first try are low but don’t lose hope. They are known to spawn around leaves, grass blocks, on logs located at Y-level 70 or above. The chances of taming a parrot are 1 out of 3, so use as many seeds as you have.


How to breed Parrots in Minecraft?

To breed animals in Minecraft, all you need to do is to feed two of them while they are near one another. But that is not the case with the parrots as they can not be bred in the game, yet. You can only have a new parrot at will by spawning in a Parrot Spawn Egg in Creative Mode. As of survival mode, you are in your own luck’s hand.

Minecraft is on its way to getting the 1.19 update. Many new things are meant to come and may breeding parrots will be one of them.

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