Minecraft 1.18: An Easy Guide to Get Crossbow

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Minecraft is a survival craft sandbox game that is played by millions of gamers around the world, each month. The game features a lot of things, from a wide range of different biomes, animals, materials, minerals, etc. Like every other survival game, Minecraft also features a challenging world with a huge selection of violent mobs. You would definitely want weapons in the game in order to protect yourself from potential threats.

The game has got you covered as it has a number of different types of weapons, which you can use in your gameplay. Among the many types, the crossbow is a viable option for beginners, to engage in battles from a range. To know more about Crossbow in Minecraft, please read the article down below.

Crossbow in Minecraft

Crossbow will definitely be one of the first ‘ranged’ weapons that you will come across in the game. Leave creepers, the annoying skeletons that shoot arrows from across are a deadly threat. To fight those and similar deadly in-game mobs in a distance battle, you would require a weapon like a crossbow.


How to get Crossbow in Minecraft

There are a few ways by which you can get the crossbow in the game. But the three best ways to gather this weapon are listed down below;

1) Crafting

It is the best and the easiest option by which you can get yourself a crossbow in the game. All you would require are some materials that are easy to find and a crafting table. The materials required are;

  • 3 Sticks
  • 2 String
  • 1 Iron Ingot
  • 1 Tripwire Hook

Sticks can be found from wooden planks, strings can be obtained as dropped loot from spider mob, Iron ingot will be obtained from Iron ore and for a Tripwire Hook, you would need to craft it from a Stick, a Plank and an Iron Ingot.

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2) Chest

There are several chests in the game, and they offer a lot of goodies. They often feature different types of weapons and Crossbow is one of them. You can try your luck and look for this chests, which includes a Crossbow.

3) Trade

There is a slick chance of you running into a pillager, that sells Crossbow for a few emeralds. You should look for it in case the first two options seem a stretch.

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These are all the viable ways via which you can get a crossbow in Minecraft. It is a must have weapon in the game for all your ranged fights. For more Minecraft and other gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials, be sure to follow us.