Minecraft 1.18- Guide to Potion of Luck!

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If you are looking to know more about the Potion of Luck in Minecraft, then this guide will definitely help you.

Minecraft offers tons of possibilities in your survival, adventure session. The game features a lot of different materials, weapons, animals, mobs and other things that will keep you busy throughout your journey. Among the many things, one, in particular, can help you find better things in the game by increasing your chances. Of course, we are talking about the Potion of Luck in Minecraft.

To know more about Potion of Luck and how you can use it, please read the article down below.

What is Potion of Luck in Minecraft?

The Potion of Luck is a unique item that you can use in the game to up your chances of finding better items. However, it is only exclusive to the Minecraft Java Edition and it adds the in-game attribute called “generic.luck”. As you all know, finding materials and items in the game is heavily based on random. This affects your chances of finding higher tier loot, chests, materials, etc.

Potion of Luck

How to Get the Potion of Luck?

As we have mentioned before, this item is exclusively available to Minecraft Java Edition players only. After this, you can use methods to obtain it. The first method is through Creative Mode, while the second method requires you to use console commands.

You can switch to creative mode from your normal survival and search for the item in the game inventory. After you get it, you can revert back to survival mode. For Console command users, players can use the following command “/give @p minecraft:potion{Potion:luck}” to obtain it. These are the two methods of getting the item as it was supposed to be in the game but didn’t make the final cut.

  • The Command: “/give @p minecraft:potion{Potion:luck} “

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More about the Potion of Luck

When you acquire the item, it should be in your inventory. Just equip it and drink (consume it) to commence the effect. This effect will buff your chances of getting a higher tier of loot seamlessly.

When you use this item, the enhanced luck effect should last for 300 seconds or 5 minutes. This is an alternative method to using the Arrow of Luck, the Splash Potion of Luck and the Lingering Potion of Luck. But the Potion of Luck is a better method as its effects last longer.



Begone are your chances of getting low tier loot all the time and you don’t have to blame your world seed too! Be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.