Minecraft 1.18- Guide to Powder Snow

Powdered Snow

Minecraft is a popular survival craft game that has a lot of things to showcase. The game is made up of numerous materials in the shape of most blocks. From Iron, Gold, to Podzol, Sand, there are other variations. Among them is a new type of block called powder snow. Just like others, it has its own special usage that you can take advantage of in the game. To know more about Powder snow and its uses, please continue reading this article below!

What is Powder Snow in Minecraft?

Powder snow is a type of block comprised of snow that can be used to trap others as it wields the freezing effect.

How to get Powder Snow in Minecraft?

There are a few ways in which you can obtain it in the game. Let us have a look at them one by one;



From the Biome

After the recent Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update part II, the game has received two new biomes. They are the Snowy Slopes and Groves. These biomes naturally contain powder snow with a great spawn rate.

You can visit these biomes and secure powder snow for yourself. But be careful as they are not obtained via mining. None of your mining gear will help you to gather it. The only way you can collect it from the biome is via scooping it with an empty bucket.

Through Collection

Just like scooping powder snow from the ground with a bucket, you can collect it by placing a collection vessel while it precipitates naturally. You can place a cauldron on the Snowy Slopes and Groves biomes and it will collect powder snow as it falls down from the sky.


After that, you can just collect it from the cauldron with an empty bucket.

Powder Snow’s Freezing Effect

Once you have gathered powder snow, you can place it on the ground. The player and others can walk right through it but in doing so, will be affected by the freezing effect. The Freezing effect will commence once you have spent over seven seconds on powder snow. This will make your health bar have blue hearts, with half a heart damage per a couple of seconds.

You can avoid it by wearing leather armour. But this will be very effective to defend as it slows most of the ground mobs, making it easier for you to fight them.


Fire style mobs will take extra damage through powder snow but snow style mobs are immune to any freezing damage.


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