Minecraft 1.18- How to craft glass bottles!


Minecraft is a game where you can live your adventurous life in a way you like. The game offers a lot of room for creativity and provides numerous resources that extend the limitations of most other survival titles. Previously, we have covered a lot of topics regarding this game in detail. Recently we talk about how to make potions in Minecraft and how you can use alchemy for your benefit in this open-world sandbox.

Apart from the brewing stand and other necessary ingredients required to make potions, another specific item that the players are going to need are glass bottles. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about glass bottles in Minecraft.

About Glass bottles in Minecraft

Glass bottles in the game are a special type of container where you can store your alchemy potions and use them to cook up potions through the brewing stand. So we can conclude by saying that glass bottles have multiple use cases and are an important commodity in the game. Now let’s talk about how you can get glass bottles in Minecraft.


How to obtain Glass Bottles in Minecraft?

There is quite a number of ways you can get glass bottles in the game. Here are all the ways mentioned below;

Dropped loot from witch

There is a special kind of mob in the game called the witch. It uses different kinds of potions against players to attack them. If you defeat this mob then it will drop loot of a few kinds. And among them, there are chances you will get glass bottles.


Fishing in the game is not just about catching fish. There are a lot of possibilities that fishing yields. Many of you already know that via fishing, players carry a chance to catch saddles. Similarly, if you are lucky enough, you can catch glass bottles off the rivers and oceans in the game.

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The game features a lot of hidden chests and they contain useful and important items. You can find potion-filled glass bottles from them. Once your drink or utilize them, you can keep and reuse the empty glass bottle.


Crafting is a core part of Minecraft and it is the best way to get glass bottles in Minecraft. To craft glass bottles, players require at least 3 blocks of glass and a crafting table.

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To get glass blocks in the game, players need to smelt sand blocks through a furnace. Once you have at least three glass blocks on you, right-click on a crafting table. Now that the crafting menu is on, place a glass block on slot 4, another one on slot 6 and the last one on slot 8. This will result in 3 glass bottles, which you can use!


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