Minecraft 1.18- How to get Sponge?

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Minecraft offers players a ton of materials and items to make their gameplay as interactive and authentic as possible. There are so many things you can find and craft in the game, it is just astonishing. One of such items that you can find in the game is “Sponge”. And we will talk about it in detail and how you can get one yourself!

What is Sponge in Minecraft?

The sponge is quite literally the very same thing that you see in the real world. In Minecraft, the sponge comes in the shape of a standard size block and its qualities include soaking up water in high quantity. They are very helpful in clearing out waterways in the game for various reasons. Be that lakes ponds, flooded areas or even oceans.

How to get a sponge in Minecraft?

As useful as it may sound, obtaining a sponge in the game is quite hard. In creative mode, you can get access to it in a breeze but in the classic survival mode, you only have two options to your avail.


The first way is by exploring the Ocean monuments. As players know, the underwater world of Minecraft packs tons of interesting things. The Ocean Monument is one of them. It is a specialized structure that you can find under the deep waters. You need to explore a lot to find one. Once found, go inside it and explore around. You should come across sponge looking blocks on its walls. You can mine those to obtain a sponge in the game. The Ocean Monuments contains at least a room with sponges so there’s no way your efforts are going to be in vain.

The other way to obtain Sponge in the game is through dropped loots from a certain kind of mob. These mobs are called the Elder Guardians and you will find them inside the Ocean Monuments. They are the only kind of mobs that drops sponge when defeated.

Players should use the potion for water breathing to prolong their underwater stay and exploration. Along with heavy gear and equipment fighting mobs underwater will be a challenge.

How to use Sponge in Minecraft?

When you obtain them you need to first try them out. Wet sponges can’t soak water thus drying it out is required. For that, you need to place them in furnaces. You can also take them to the Nether, that should also do the job. Once dried, the sponges are ready to soak water again!

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