Minecraft 1.18: How to store Milk?

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Minecraft is a game about survival and crafting. There’s so much to discover and find in the vast open world of Minecraft. The game features a number of materials and items, each with its own unique purpose and usage. Similarly, Milk is an essential part of the game and it has important use cases.

Here’s everything you need to know about Milk in Minecraft.

Milk in Minecraft

As many of you already know, the world of Minecraft consists of many types of animals, including the common cattle like cows, goats, etc. The fun fact that many are unaware of is that players can obtain milk from these cattle. Here’s how you can get it!

How to get Milk in Minecraft?

The first thing that a player must do is to locate a cow or a goat. Keep in mind, you will need an empty bucket for this. Go close and look directly at them with the empty bucket in hand and press right-click. This will extract milk ad store it in the bucket.


What is the use of Milk Buckets?

To be very honest, it really is not a necessary item in the game. There won’t be a moment when you will look back and think “should have brought the mighty ol’ milk bucket along” or something. But that doesn’t mean the milk bucket has no uses.

Minecraft features a world that is often very difficult to survive. There are many instances where a number of status effects can be applied to the players. These status effects can be both positive and negative. If it’s positive then there is no need for worry but for the negative effects, players can drink milk from the milk bucket to nullify (remove) those.


For example, suppose you get attacked by a spider or some other kind of in-game mob and are now suffering from the ‘poison’ effect. Or, another general example will be ‘mining fatique’ that gets implemented after a certain degree of extensive and continuous mining in the game. These are some examples of negative status effects, and players can remove them by drinking milk.

The only thing that players will need to keep in mind is that drinking milk will not only remove the negative status effect but will also do the same with any existing positive status effects. There are some other ways to utilize milk in the game, e.g, use it for making cakes or store it in small bottles, etc.

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This about sums up today’s topic, i.e. the guide regarding milk in Minecraft and how to use it. Be sure to follow us for more Minecraft and other gaming How to’s, Guides and Tutorials.