Minecraft 1.18: An Easy Guide to Respawn Anchors

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Minecraft has a lot of things that you can craft and use to enhance your playthrough. There are various items that will interest you and among them, we will be talking about the Respawn Anchor in this article. So be sure to check it out down below.

The Respawn Anchor was added to the game with the Minecraft 1.16 update. It is one of the most useful items in the game that needs players to look for some Crying Obsidians in order to craft it.

What is a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft?

The Respawn Anchor came with the part of the Nether update. it is a new type of block that lets players set their spawn points within the Nether realm. Nether itself is a very dangerous place and staying alive there is a massive challenge, setting a spawn point comes with its own share of risks. Either way, it is good to have options and in this case, a handy spawn point.


How to craft a Respawn Anchor?

Players require to have nine blocks in total to craft one. Three out of that nine blocks should be of Glowstone, while the other six should be Crying Obsidian. You can easily find Glowstone around various places within the Nether and as for Crying Obsidian, there are a few more steps to acquire it.

How to get Crying Obsidian in Minecraft?

Unlike normal Obsidians, this type can’t be retrieved by mixing water with lava blocks. The two ways you can find crying obsidian in-game is by tracking down a Ruined Portal or by a Bastion Remnant. You will get some Crying Obsidian as a part of the frame from the Ruined Portal. You can also find some by opening chests in the Bastion Remnant. The chances are slim and it is surely not a one time job unless you are very lucky. So keep patience up and search around.

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There’s no other way to find crying obsidian in the game and neither can you farm more. All the options you have to get some is via wandering around the Nether and tracking down the previously mentioned two options. You also need a Diamond pickaxe or higher to mine it.

More about Respawn Anchor

After you have crafted the Respawn Anchor, you will need to charge it with Glowstone. Charge it up to the fourth level and with every use, it will get knocked down to one charge. So, keep this meta in mind and enjoy roaming around in the Nether.

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