Minecraft- A Guide about Bees [2023]

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Minecraft features a wide range of real-life aspects to make your survival craft gameplay experience better. Besides featuring tons of materials, items, biomes and possibilities, the game also features a wide range of animals and insects. These include cows, horses, pigs, dolphins, rabbits, dogs, wolves, etc. But the ones that are the cutest of them all, are the bees. Besides being adorable and dangerous, they are very essential mobs in Minecraft.

About Bees in Minecraft

Bees are one of the coolest mobs in the game. They look adorable and flies around the game world. They are not hostile towards players but will hurt them once they are threatened by them. But the most interesting importance of bees is that they help with pollination. It is a key element in Minecraft that will help your farming abilities raise new grounds.

Where to find bees in Minecraft?

You can quite easily locate bees in the game with much of a hassle. All you need to do is look for them in the right places. For starters, they only spawn in the Overworld and not in the Nether, like most overworld mobs.


They are commonly found in the Meadows biome, this is where your chances of coming across them are highest. They also spawn in the Plains, Forests, Sunflower Plains, Birch Forests, and Flower Forests biomes in the game.

How to locate them?

They are very small creatures so you should have a keen eye towards your nearby environment. First thing first, look for beehives on your surrounding trees. There should be a number of them flying around. Beehives can only be found on normal Oak and Birch trees in Minecraft.

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How to catch a bee in Minecraft?

So now that you have successfully managed to locate a bee, this is how you are going to capture it.

You can mine the beehive by a pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment. This will not disrupt the bees inside and you will be able to carry the beehive to a location of your liking. If you Equip a flower near bees, they will follow you around. It is a tedious process but a useful one.

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Another interesting, and funny, way of catching a bee is with a lead. Lead in the game is used to transports animals like cows, horses, Llamas, etc. But you can also use it on bees and take it along with you.

These were also the necessary information that you needed to know for your bee quest. Be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.