Minecraft- A Guide about Copper Horn [2023]

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We had previously covered a Minecraft guide regarding how players can obtain an in-game item called the goat horn. It didn’t have many uses except for its use to make a distinctive noise like the ones you hear during the initiation of a battle. The game features a lot of elements, items, biomes, animals, mobs and much more, that emits variety in gameplay. Today we will talk about another of such similar item in the game, the copper horn, and its uses.

To know more about it and how you can obtain it, read the article down below.

About Copper Horn in Minecraft?

The Copper Horn in Minecraft is a unique item that doesn’t do anything meaningful. Just like the Goat Horn, the Copper Horn serves the purpose of producing distinctive sounds. Unlike the Goat Horn, the Copper Horn makes three types of sounds each. There are up to ten variants of Copper Horns in the game and each has its own series of sounds. Meaning, all the ten variants of Copper Horn can produce up to 30 different sounds.

How to obtain Copper Horn in Minecraft?

Just like the Goat Horn, players require a few materials in order to craft a Copper Horn. This includes the Goat Horn item as its base material. 

Materials required:

  • 1 Goat Horn
  • 3 Copper Ingotsadawfffg 1

To get Goat Horn, you need to lure a goat to run into a wall or obstacle, head first. When it does, it will drop Goat Horn to the player. As for Iron Ingots, players need to mine for Raw Copper. These raw copper can be smelt through a furnace with coal, which will generate Copper Ingots.

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Now that you have these materials ready, combine three Copper Ingots with a Goat Horn at a nearby Crafting Table and you will get your first Copper Horn.

How to make three different sounds with the Copper Horn?

As we mentioned earlier, these Copper Horns produces three types of sounds each. It has up to 10 variants of itself, totalling a 30 sound library. To play all the three sounds, you need to use the Copper Horn this way;



  • Equip the Copper Horn, look up to the sky and play to get the first sound.
  • Equip the Copper Horn and then crouch down and play to get the second sound.
  • Equip the horn and use it in any other alternative way to get the third sound variant.

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