Minecraft: An Easy Guide about Nautilus Shell! [2023]


Minecraft is a game of many activities and materials. There’s always something new to do and something new to uncover. The game features a vast world to play on and numerous materials that you can find, and use in many ways. One of such items that are featured in the game is Nautilius Shell. To know more about it in detail and its importance, read this article down below.

Apart from building, crafting and mining, searching for food is an important aspect of the game. And while the search stretches, you can find some cool stuff lying around.

About Nautilus Shell in Minecraft

This one was added to Minecraft with the aquatic update. They are very easy to find if you know the right places to look into. The reason behind its importance is that it grants players to make a conduit. Just like the land in the game, the water is a great source of various resources and possible discoveries. But players can’t stay underwater for a long time due to the depletion of oxygen levels. But with the help of a conduit, players can prolong their search and exploration of underwater comparatively easier.


How to find Nautilius Shell in Minecraft?

This type of shell can be found in three different ways. The first one is from the dropped loot of a drowned game mob. The second way you can obtain it is while fishing, though it has a small possibility. The third way you can secure a Nautilius shell in the game is via trading with wandering traders that you may find in the villages. The chances of traders having the shell are also slim but you can get it for some emeralds.

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Importance of Nautilius Shell

As mentioned before, Nautilius Shell is important to craft Conduit. It is a small item that allows players in the game to breathe underwater. You need to set it up inside prismerine block rings in order to make it do so. You will need a total of 1 Heart of the Sea and 8 Nautilius Shells to craft a conduit.

It helps players by allowing them to explore underwater. It also provides a kind of night vision that lets players see clearer. However, there is a specific range to this ability but if you increase more rings of prismerine blocks then it will help the effect to widen its range.

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