Minecraft Dungeons: How to get Pets! [2023]

Minecraft Dungeons

Ever wondered about getting a pet in Minecraft Dungeons? Then this is where your dream becomes reality!

Pets in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is a Diablo styled dungeon crawler based on the Minecraft universe. After the Seasonal Adventures update, the game had just finished out of its first season, Cloudy Climb. And now it supports a total of eighteen different kinds of pets for the heroes in-game.

Previously, the only kind of animal companions available in Minecraft Dungeons was through summons. Summonings are used to bring up buddies that help you in your battle against mobs. Pets are a totally different thing than summons. They are non-combatants whose purpose is to accompany heroes on their journey.

Minecraft dungeons

How to get pets in Minecraft Dungeons?

The primary way to get most pets in the game is through DLC, which is available through the game’s market. But most of them are paid and that is a big no for many players. But that seems to be the only way to have pets in the game, as of now.

You can purchase the pet DLC of your liking, to get the pets you desire. The best way to do so will be purchasing the Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition as it comes with an upgrade bundle. This way, you will save tons of money instead of individual purchases.


Adventure Pass

There are certain expansion DLCs in Minecraft Dungeons that offers pets accessible through the premium Adventure Pass. Players require to purchase this premium Adventure Pass for Seasonal Adventures to receive the rewards of completed challenges. It will also reward heroes with additional items likes toucan, baby squid and spotted pig.

Our Thoughts

Despite the annoying paywall, players across the globe are really liking this new update. Havings pets in the game will surely make heroes feel a bit happier whilst exchanging a few weapon blows with some in-game mobs.

The baby pig pet should be available to all players across the board for free as it was meant to be a reward for the game reaching 10 million players worldwide. Similarly, people who have participated in the Spookier Fall event of 2023, should have received a baby pig zombie for free. Regardless, we hope a few pets come to the game that can be achieved without any monetary transactions.


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