Minecraft: Easy Guide to Making Smooth Stones [2023]

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Minecraft is one of the best adventure and survival sandboxes out there. It has so much to offer to the players, especially the amount and types of building materials in general. It greatly influences and fuels the creativity of the players in the game. In today’s article, we will talk about what Sooth Stone is and how you can craft it in Minecraft.

What is Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

The smooth stone serves the same purpose as the normal stone block in Minecraft. While the major difference is in its look and the overall visuals it offers in a build. As the name suggests, the smooth stone block is made of stone but has a smooth surface texture, which looks surprisingly soothing to the eyes. It offers a great aesthetic angle, thus being preferred by many players in the game. It is also resistant to explosions, which makes it an ideal material for base building.


How to get Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

Smooth stone is not found in the game as it doesn’t grow naturally in the game. Players who want to acquire smooth stone in the game, have to craft it themselves. The process of crafting it is very easy and here’s what you need to do.

How to craft smooth stone in Minecraft?

To craft smooth stone in Minecraft, players will need to have a furnace first. As for the other materials required, players will need the easy to acquire cobblestone stone blocks, found all over the game.

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Players can craft a furnace from 8 Cobblestone blocks. After acquiring some more cobblestone blocks, players need to go near the furnace and press the right click. In there, they need to place the obtained cobblestone blocks into the upper input slot of the furnace and place some coal at the bottom input slot of the furnace.

After some time, it will smelt the Cobblestones into freshly produced ‘stone blocks’ in Minecraft. Each cobblestone will produce one unit of stone. Repeat this process until you have as much as required, and then you can directly place them wherever you want. After that, place these stone blocks in the upper slot of the furnace and place some coal down below, and it will smelt the stone blocks and produce smooth stones in Minecraft.

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This was a tutorial on how to craft smooth stones in Minecraft. Be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.