Minecraft: Easy Guide to Tame (& Ride) a Horse [2023]

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Minecraft features quite distinctive wildlife through its vast map and several biomes. These animals are not necessarily there for show purposes. Animals in Minecraft play a very important role, you can gather food and leather from, other utilities, make them your pet and they will protect you against mobs, etc. One of such distinctive roles of animals in Minecraft is as a mode of transport. To know more about this, read further down below.

There are not a lot of options to travel in Minecraft. You can use a boat to travel on water and you can generally walk, or sprint momentarily, on the ground to go faster. However, exploring the cast realm of Minecraft doesn’t really make sense on foot. This is where the importance of horses in Minecraft comes along.

Horses in Minecraft

Horses are just one of the many kinds of animals you will find in the game. However, they have a very important role in the game, i.e. to help you travel faster and more conveniently from one place to another, in the game. You can also use the Lytra for travelling across the map but it is not something you will be able to find in the early stage of the game.

So for beginners, horse riding is the way to go and here’s how you can do it.

Tame a Horse in Minecraft


The first thing you must do before horse riding is to find one and tame it. Doing so will not make your horse randomly wander off after you have dismounted it. To tame a horse, you will have to find one and go near it and then right-click to mount it. The horse will push you off its back and then you have to repeat this process until the hearts appear around it. It should take a few tries. You can then feed it sugar, wheat, golden apple, golden carrots, etc.

How to ride a horse in Minecraft?

Now that you have tamed a horse, you will need a saddle to ride and direct its direction properly. There are a few ways to obtain a saddle in Minecraft, like;

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  1. From Chests
  2. Trading with the merchants
  3. Killing a ravager that is being ridden by a zombie piglin
  4. While Fishing

The best bet is that you go fishing and continue the process until you pull up a saddle. It will take some time but you will have better odds in this case than the other three options.

After you have found a saddle, place it in your inventory. Now go near your horse and right-click to mount it, after that, open your inventory menu and select the saddle and place it on the horse’s back. Now you will be able to control and ride the horse in Minecraft.

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