Minecraft: Easy Guide to Tame Dogs [2023]

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Do you want clear instructions on how to tame a dog in Minecraft? Then this guide will provide you with the best information about everything you need to know about taming dogs in Minecraft.

As for beginner players, Minecraft can be quite confusing at times, as it does has some complex mechanics. The game features quite a lot of animals and other creatures, and some of them can be your survival companion. And what better animal to have as a pet in the game than a dog?

Dogs in Minecraft?

Dogs are quite easy to find animals in the game. They are a perfect companion for your journey as they follow you around everywhere, you can command them to sit and stay at a place and when a mob attacks you, they will always have your back and defend you. Just so many reasons to have a pet dog in Minecraft.


Where to find Dogs in the game?

Dogs spawn around a lot of the biomes in the game. They are quite easy to find too, but if you want perfect odds, you can search for them in the forest, taiga or the cold taiga biomes.

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How to tame dogs?

You can go near the dogs you found and feed them as much meat as you want but it won’t work. This is where many beginner players get confused. To tame a dog, you will need to feed it a bone. This is the only way you can actually tame a dog in Minecraft, and you can acquire bones by defeating the skeleton mobs that roam around at night. You might need a number of bones for the process.

Now, take the bones and press right-click near a dog to feed it. Repeat the process until a few hearts appear around the dog, along with a red collar around its neck. From then on, it will follow you around and listen to you and you can feed it meat and other stuff as you want!

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That’s literally everything you need to know about taming a dog in the game and keeping it as a pet. Be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.