Minecraft: Easy Beginner’s Guide to Craft Wooden Tools [2023]

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Minecraft offers a great learning curve for beginner players which they can use as an advantage. There are many in-game mechanics within the game, that can be learned step by step, with time and effort. As beginners often get confused about how to do the cool stuff, they avoid what they should do before.

Just like in real life civilization, man learned the use of the basic things and then upgraded to the better and upper level. In Minecraft too, players must learn how to craft the basic tool they need for various tasks in the game, before jumping the gun. Here are all the important wooden tools that players can make in Minecraft for their beginner journey.

Craft Wooden Tools in Minecraft

The first important thing that you would need to collect is wood. You can cut down the nearby tree trunks to get that. After getting a significant amount of it, you must craft some quantity of sticks and a crafting table for further things.

Here’s how you can craft sticks in Minecraft;


And here’s how you can craft a crafting table in the Minecraft;


Now, place the crafting table down and press right-click on it, it will open the crafting menu. Here, you need to place the wooden planks and sticks in the shown steps to make the wooden tools. The wooden tools you can make from this are;

  • Wooden Shovel
  • Wooden Pickaxe
  • Wooden Axe
  • Wooden Hoe

Here’s how you can craft the Wooden Shovel;


Here’s how you can craft the Wooden Pickaxe;


Here’s how you can craft the Wooden Axe;


Here’s how you can craft the Wooden Hoe;

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Remember, that each of these crafting processes requires one unit in each crafting slot. This will produce a single unit of the tool. For example, to make the wooden hoe, players will require 2 wooden planks and 2 sticks. For, they can repeat the process, or place multiple materials on the crafting slots, in the same crafting position.

This has been a guide for crafting wooden tools in Minecraft. Be sure to follow us for more Minecraft and gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.