How to get Podzol in Minecraft- An Easy Guide


There’s so much stuff in Minecraft that it can often get confusing. Among the several items attainable in the game, we will talk about how you can get Podzol in Minecraft. Read the article below to know every required step.

What is Podzol in Minecraft?

Similarly to a dirt block in Minecraft, a Podzol is a type of dirt block that can be found in the dark forest biome. It gives the surroundings a more natural look while having its own special usage.

Important features of Podzol

Podzol offers up a more natural dark forest look to the surroundings, making it unique than using normal dirt blocks. They are very suitable for the plantation and growth of mushrooms. If you use Podzol for mushroom plantation, then the requirement of a certain light level wouldn’t stand as an important factor.


And not just mushrooms, Podzol is also ideal for the plantation and growth of most kinds of flowers, saplings and sugarcane.

How to get Podzol in Minecraft?

If you are on creative mode, then you can just get Podzol like everything else, from the inventory. But in Survival mode, you need to visit specific locations to get it. The prime source of getting Podzol in the game is just by visiting the large taiga tree areas or the bamboo jungle biomes. You need to use a silk touch-enchanted tool to mine it.


The alternative way to gather Podzol in Minecraft is by trading with the Wandering Trade mob. This is not a very ideal way as the chances of getting large amounts of podzol via Wandering Traders are slim. The actual chances of getting a Podzol trade via such traders are nearly 1 in 6. A single block of Podzol may cost around 3 emeralds.

Our Thoughts

Apart from mining and exploring, gathering food is a great part of the game. There are several things to do in the game, and many players take up farming as an in-game hobby. Podzol plays a vital role in the enhancement of farming. From crops to flowers, you can get a better experience on the plantation.

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There are also other factors that affects your farming stats in the game. As we have mentioned before, there are many things you can do and get in the game. To know more about Minecraft and other game How to’s, Guides and Tutorials, be sure to follow us!