Minecraft: How to Make a Nether Portal 2023 [Easy]


Thinking about how to make a Nether portal in Minecraft? You are at the right place!

So you have started playing Minecraft and currently exploring your ways around but couldn’t find the infamous Nether dimension. That is because to enter that scary biome in Minecraft, you would need to have a Nether Portal. Know everything about it right here!

The Nether in Minecraft

The Nether dimension in Minecraft is one of the scariest places to be in if you do not have any idea about it. And you thought just baby creepers were dangerous foes! The Nether is the darkest biome in the game, surrounded by lava and numerous foes at every nook and corner. 

But as the saying goes, the greater the risk, the bigger the reward is. You can find some of the ideal stuff in this realm that will help you in your survival in the game. Just follow these easy instructions and you will be in the Nether in no time!….. it might just take a few minutes though.

How to make a Nether Portal

How to Make a Nether Portal?

Before we begin, let us talk about what exactly is a Nether Portal. It is a gate-like structure that works as a gateway to the Nether Realm. Through this, you can enter the realm. This is the only way and there is no other alternative to it.

Now comes the vital part of ‘how to make a Nether portal in Minecraft’ tutorial, i.e. making one. This way will work on both the Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions. 

Materials Required to Make a Nether Portal

A total of two types of materials are required to make a Nether portal and activate it in the game. Those materials are:

  • Obsidian Blocks
  • Flint and Steel

As for the amount, the player will need to have 10 obsidian blocks. You can easily obtain obsidian blocks by mixing source blocks of water with the same lava. Also, you would need to have at least a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian.

The tool that is required to activate the Nether Portal by setting a fire inside of it. These will be all you would need in today’s ‘how to make a Nether Portal’ tutorial.

How to make a Nether Portal

The shape of the Nether Portal

You need to have this correct shape to have a basic working Nether Portal. Have an obsidian block structure that is 4 blocks wide at the base and the top and 5 blocks tall. Make a rectangle shape and you can cut out the four corner blocks. Keep the inner area of 6 blocks clear and use your Flint and Stone to light it up and activate it.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen, your first Nether Portal. Be sure to follow us for more How to’s and Game Tutorials.