Monster Hunter Rise: Where can you find Firecell Stones

for now the stones can be found in an active volcano

Monster Hunter

To forge an item in Monster Hunter Rise, be it a good weapon or any equipment, we require proper fuel and proper materials, to prepare good items. Building equipment using low-quality materials is a complete waste of both time and effort.

So, in this guide, we provide you with information on how to find one of the best forging items in Monster Hunter Rise, the Firecell Stones.

The Firecell Stones, alongside Fucium Ore, are one of the rarest, most important materials in the Monster Hunter Rise. The stones are used in crafting some High Rank-compliant equipment, but unlike Fucium Ore, they don’t appear in nearly as much quantity. اسماء العاب الكازينو

So, you have to tread your way to an active volcano, to get your hands on some Firecell stones.

Where to Find Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter

During a High-Rank hunt, the Lava Caverns area will be available to the players to freely explore, and currently, that’s where you can find some Firecell stones.

However, even though Lava Caverns are accessible to you, the complete part of the caves, where the stones spawn might still not be accessible to you. مجموعات يورو 2024 You need to complete a few High-Rank hunts before you can get access to the parts of the map you need.

So, once you get free access, don’t hesitate to nose around the Mining Outcrops for white and blue ones. Both are special, the white ones give you the rare materials which are our Firecell stones, while the blue ones will occasionally have Firecell Stones as well.

To increase your material yield, it is advised to have your Geologist skill up to at least level 3. And make sure to keep checking your map status during the start of the hunt, as you know if you are lucky the Caverns may be experiencing a Mining Outcrops Upsurge.

During an Upsurge, for the first ten minutes of your hunt, all Mining Outcrops will yield much greater quantities of materials. لعبه كوتشينه So, if your luck is good, you can get enough Firecell Stones in one passthrough to build whatever fiery armor your little heart desires.