Monster Hunter Rise: How to make the new Layered Armor

This new armor feature will only change the looks of the armor and not its actual ability, so hold your horses

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Rise update 2.0 is here and along with it comes tons of new content and quality of life improvements to help benefit players. Hunter Rand’s cap is increased and also the game has received many new monsters for some quests. And these new monsters have also started to make their appearance in Village, Hub, and Rampage missions. دفع باي بال

The game has certainly improved with the new update and the addition of new things is just mouth-watering. One such update is the Layered Armor which brings players the ability to customize the look of their hunters. Players can change the look of their armor without having to sacrifice their stats.

So, here’s how players can access Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Get Layered Armor

First, and this goes without saying the game has to be updated to version 2.0 because you won’t be able to get the new feature without the update. الفرق المتاهله في اليورو 2023 Select the armor you want to turn into Layered Armor, and after which players need to complete a few prerequisites to get things started:

  • Reach Hunter Rank 7: Players will need to be at least Hunter Rank 7 to do this. The Hunter Rank cap has been lifted with version 2. payeer مصر 0.
  • Outfit Voucher: These can be collected by completing Hunter Rank Quests that are 7 or higher.

After the selection, players have to visit the Steelworks or Hub area to find the Blacksmith. The blacksmith will mention that the player now can create Layered Armor. Then all you have to do is submit the Outfit Voucher along with the required materials to craft it.

Then, just head over to your Item Box and select the “Layered Armor” Setting and choose to change armor. You can change the entire look of your armor without sacrificing any of your skills or stats. It’s nice to see it make an appearance so shortly after the new game made its debut.