NBA 2023: Easy Guide to Unlock Pro Dribble Moves

If you want to unlock pro dribbling moves in NBA 2023, this guide will be best choice for you.

How to Unlock Pro Dribble Moves in NBA 2023

It has been a topic of controversy ever since the new changes have been made to the NBA 2023 franchise this year. The controversy is based mainly on the requirements necessary to unlock Pro Dribble animations in MyCareer. The players have to complete a few targets to achieve the pro Dribble animations in the 2023 release of the game.

The players were supposed to have a Ball Handle rating of 85% in their MyPlayer to unlock the Pro Dribble moves. It is a major change in the game as compared to its 2020 version.  The target for last year was a 70 Ball Handle rating. However, after the release of the new patch in the month of September last year,  the requirement has been lowered by 2000.

The Requirement after September Patch of NBA 2023:

A new patch was released on September 28, 2020. This patch was Patch v. 1.03 for NBA 2023. There were several changes made in the game, which were not so much varying in nature as compared to the old ones. However, the major change was in the requirements to unlock the Pro Dribble moves in the game. The adjustment in this field was very much varying in nature and kept the players a little surprised.

NBA 2K21 Guide to Unlock Pro Dribble Moves

What Will Happen Next:

After a sudden rise in the requirement, it became a bit difficult and thus the players started to raise controversy on this context of the NBA 2023. Later,  the new requirement was revealed for the game in which there was a decreased version of the previous one. A Stealth Redditor has revealed his findings, in which now it states ou 80 ball Handles instead of 85. Although the difference is not that big still it is now ok and can be considered noncontroversial.

NBA 2023 Pro Dribble Moves

However, there are side effects of the NBA 2023 new patch at the same time. Players who have already unlocked the Pro moves with the old requirements will now be in a tough position to cope up with the new changes made to the game. They have already built the MyPlayer and now any changes would cost them something. When the users have spent a lot of time building their player and finally there is a major adjustment, will again have to adapt to the new requirements. If you are about to start building your player then keep the new requirements in mind instead of the old one, which was released in the month of September last year.

Pro Dribble Moves Unlocking tips in NBA 2K21

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