Nier Replicant Remaster: How to find the Rusted Clump

This material is extremely important to upgrade your weapons

NieR Replicant Northern Plains

Nier Replicant Remaster is shaping into a pretty good and enjoyable game. Not that the original version is anything bad, however, the remastered version just brings a new feel to the story.

But players who are hoping to get a good hold of the game and what to enjoy those different game endings must get their hands on those powerful different weapons out there. فريق كريستيانو رونالدو

While some weapons are strong on their own, players will need to upgrade them to have them reach their full potential. But each upgrade will cost players quite a bit of different materials. لعبه الكوبه

For the upgrading of weapons, there are a lot of materials out there in the vast open world of Nier Replicant, but one material, that the players will need a lot of is Rusted Clumps. Several weapons require this material for its upgrades, so the player will need to invest quite a bit of time in tracking the resource down.

However, if you have no idea where to look for the material, then follow this guide, and let’s talk about how to find Rusted Clumps in NieR Replicant. يو اس بولو اون لاين

How to find Rusted Clumps in NieR Replicant

Nier Replicant

An important note to remember is that, even though many materials can be extracted after killing enemies or simply by exploring, the Rusted Clumps cannot be obtained by those mere methods.

The only way to collect this resource in the game at this time is by going fishing. That’s right, players will need to travel to either the Desert or Northern Plains and fish using Sardines to collect Rusted Clumps.

The game has a probability of giving you the material instead of the fish every time you throw your bait in the water. Sardines can be purchased if the player wishes, or they can catch them from fishing and use them as bait.

In the game, the most suitable place to catch Rusted Clumps is at the Northern Plains over the Desert. There are quite a few fish in the desert that will respond to fishing with Sardines, you should understand by the mere mention of the name Desert.

So, head to the Northern Plains and fish for your heart’s content. Get the Rusted Clumps and get the upgrading on the way.

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