New Pokemon Snap: Easy Vespiquen Finding Guide

If you want to find Vespiquen in new Pokemon Snap, then this guide is for you.


Finding Vespiquen in New Pokemon Snap – We are back with another article and another Pokémon. This time it’s Vespiquen. So read the article to find out how to get Vespiquen in Pokémon snap.


Vesipiquen also called the queen of the Combee hive is a bee-type Pokémon. These Combee are very loyal. It belongs to a class bug and can fly as well. As it is the queen of the hive it fights with its grubs. The grubs can give their lives to defend their queen. Summoning Vesipiquen is very easy until you know how to do it.


Finding Vesipiquen:

Following are the steps to find Vesipiquen in the wild.

  • First of all, we have to get into the Fiora nature park during night time and then go to research level 2.
  • We have to go till the end of the map till we hit the flower fields.
  • Meanwhile, we have to use an Illumina orb on the first crystal bloom.
  • Finally, we have to show that to the right side of the path and wait for Vespiquen.

Summoning Vesipiquen:

It is very easy to summon a Vesipiquen if you know all the steps. The main thing is that you should b at the proper place, which is the second level of the nature park. You can skip the rest of the level until you hit the flowery field. These are the home of comfey during the daytime and home of Combee during night time. You can find a crystal boom towards your right. After that, you have to simply throw an Illumina orb to activate it and wait for some time. Tadaaa!!!, here you go with the Vesipiquen.


Let’s Snap:

As soon as you see a Vesipiquen hit her with an Illumina orb and a picture of her. You can also add Combee in that pic as it is seen dancing beside. Doing this task will open your LenTask Request. It will be easy for you to complete two tasks in a single run. Just a point to remember, the picture that you take will be having Vesipiquen but make sure you add Vesipiquen in the picture as well.

New Pokemon Snap Easy Vespiquen Finding Guide