New Pokemon Snap: How to use the research camera

The game is a sequel to the 1999 Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Snap

Pokemon Snap Camera

The New Pokemon Snap is another latest from the Bandai Namco gaming industry and published by Nintendo for its Nintendo Switch. It encourages players to witness Pokémon in their natural habitats and take and share stunning nature photographs with their research camera.

The research camera in New Pokémon Snap can also scan to research mysterious elements in the various courses of the Lental Region, find out a Pokémon name, gender, and type, and even find Pokémon and paths hidden within each biome.


It allows players to get a Pokémon’s attention and encourage it to engage in special activities. And these activities can help players complete requests and receive higher photo scores.

Players will receive the research camera from the very beginning in the New Pokémon Snap. It was created by Professor Mirror, who gives it to the player in the L. رهانات E.N.S. lab. As players progress further, they will be able to unlock more advanced camera features.

How To Use The Research Camera’s Basic Features 


Players will need to capture images while riding in the Neo-One floating pod and it is extremely important for them to learn the controls used to take pictures.

To move the camera, players will need to tilt their Nintendo Switch or controller if they have motion controls turned on, or they will need to use the Left or Right Control Stick. مرات راموس The other controls are:

  • Take Picture: A button
  • Zoom In: ZL or L button

There are options available for players to change the controls of the research camera in the game’s settings as well. players have the liberty to experiment with their ideal Camera and Pointer Speeds, Frame Guides, and Zoom Modes, as well as change their Left and Right Stick Controls.

How To Use The Research Camera’s Advanced Features in New Pokemon Snap

As the players make progression they will unlock the Scan feature on the research camera. A scan is a valuable tool that can be used for the following activities:

  • Scan Pokémon: Scan a visible Pokémon to learn its name and gender and get the Pokémon to interact uniquely with the player.
  • Inspect Elements: Scan elements throughout the various biomes in the Lental Region for further research.
  • Uncover Paths: Scan the environment to find hidden Branching Routes that lead to more Pokémon

Further ahead in the game, players will be able to unlock functions on the research camera that will get a Pokémon’s attention and cause it to react and interact in unique ways for better and more interesting photos. These features include:

  • Play a Melody: The research camera plays a song that causes Pokémon to come out of hiding and/or dance.
  • Throw Fluffruit: The research camera tosses a Fluffruit to lure Pokémon out of hiding and eat for a unique picture.
  • Use Illumina Orb: The research camera throws an Illumina Orb, which creates Illumina Phenomena, unique moments that vary between different Pokémon.

The controls for each of these advanced New Pokémon Snap research camera functions appear below:

  • Scan: X button
  • Melody: R button
  • Fluffruit: B button
  • Illumina Orb: Y button

So, have fun and enjoy the wild and beautiful digital world of Pokemon.