Nier Replicant Remaster: How to get the Boar Mount

Treading around the massive open-world of Nier Replicant can be pretty tiring

Nier Replicant Remaster

The best thing about the open-world is that we can travel through the wild, gallop around the cities and have fun hunting down a monster or even humans, oh I do miss the freedom of Witcher 3. However, traveling through long distances might get troublesome at times especially when you are on foot.

Originally launched on PlayStation 3, NieR Replicant was a game some loved and some loathed. But the latest remake brings it back to the modern age and matches the gameplay similarly to NieR: Automata. That game was a massive hit and put the series on the map, selling well over 5 million copies. تسجيل دخول بايير

So, following the footsteps of Automata, Square Enix decided to remake the original game but for a new audience. The story is the same as the player takes control of the protagonist who goes out into the world to find a cure for his sick sister. And while travelling through the wild seems fun, but running for long distances is not advised.

So, in Nier Replicant Remaster players have the option to travel faster in the overworld by collecting a Boar Mount. Unlike some high-quality open-world RPGs, NieR Replicant does not have a fast travel system. The game has a massive open world for players to explore but running around on foot will take players ages. But getting their own Boar Mount allows players to get around the land a bit faster. So, let’s see how to get a Boar mount for ourselves.

 How To Get The Boar Mount

First, speak to an older villager on the north end of the shopping district in the village. He will mention that a wild boar can be found out in the Northern Plains. Head to the north to the Northern Plains. After entering the area, head to the left and continue going in that direction until you cross the river.

Once you are close to The Aerie, begin heading north towards the Forest of Myth. There you can see the Wild Boar wandering around in the fields. Just defeat the guy and make him submit to you.

Remember, do not underestimate the guy, and when he starts charging up hide behind a nearby boulder. لعبة أسماء الأفلام It will ram into the boulder, leaving it stunned to be attacked. العاب كوتشينة لشخصين Repeat this process until it is defeated and the player will pick up the Boar Tusk item.

After that return back to the villager to get 1000 Gold as your reward. The real reward is now players can summon a Wild Boat outside the village. Just pause, head to orders, then animals, then call, and begin riding into the wind with your new boar friend. That’s it, hope you enjoy your new ride!