Outriders: Easy Guide Explaining Class Points and Ways to Earn Them!


Outriders is a new game that has been making the news lately with its huge potential to be the next remarkable game of 2023. As you all know by now, Outriders mainly focuses on the looter shooter aspect of the gaming genre, meaning shooting a bunch of enemies while upgrading and gathering resources in the way. The game has a set of different Class which players will be able to select from after completing the Epilogue.

Each class is distinctive from one another with a  set of special abilities which would be useful in the combat scenarios, Class Points are thus required where players will be able to set up their classes. To know more about them and how can one earn Class Points in the game, please continue further reading.

What are Classes and Class Points in Outriders?

Outriders is a looter shooter, action, adventure game with RPG elements. The game features four distinctive classes; Trickster, Pyromancer, Technomancer and Devastator. Each of these classes has its own sets of abilities that they can use in combat and have a selection of more than they can unlock further down.

This is where the Class Points comes in handy, players will start with one ability of the selected class and will earn Class Points on further game progression. They can then use these Class Points to unlock any the next type of abilities from their class’ ability tree. This will unlock various new abilities which will surely come in clutch during heavy combat and you can mix and match them with your other abilities or with your teammate’s abilities for the most effective impacts.



How can you earn Class Points?

Class points in Outriders are solely bound with the amount of XP you gain in your game’s progression. In the demo of the game, players could advance up to world level 7 and would only get three class points, meaning earning class points is not that quick as you may think.

There is a total of 30 levels that players will need to progress through but can only gain a total of 20 Class Points. To gain the most XP quickly, try the normal story mode missions and quests. You can also do the number of side-quests that you will find through the game’s map. These are challenging but will reward you with decent XP making your Class Points earning goal achievable.

outriders devastator skills

There are more abilities than there are Class Points and unlocking them will lead you to a series of them bind together. If you don’t like the path or want to try something different, you have the ability to reset the Class Tree’s progression.


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