Outriders: Guide to the Best Devastator Build

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Outriders is a game that has been popping up on everyone’s radar right now. The game’s popularity raised high with its demo release and has been growing since. By now, we hope you have at least played Outriders Demo or the full release game and have completed the Prologue. Once the Prologue is completed, you will advance further into the game’s progression and have a choice to select between your preference out of four different classes, each having different abilities and skills set.

Outriders focuses on a new life in an alternate universe, where the Earth has been destroyed and players have to fight through ravaging enemies on an alien planet. The gameplay is not just about weapons or gears but is also dependent on the use of skills and abilities. 

Classes in Outriders

There are a total of four different classes in Outriders and on finishing the prologue, players can select their path. They are Pyromancer, Technomancer, Trickster and Devastator and each of these classes acquires different sets of unique and class-based abilities. There are a lot more of such abilities and skills that players can unlock through their game’s progression. 

We will be talking about the best Devastator build you can have for the enemy teams and get you through difficult scenarios. The build here means the best selection of skills or abilities you can use in combat for the most combined effectiveness.


About Devastator

Devastator is one of the most selected among the four classes of operators in the game. It masters its skills in close range combat and takes the edge off the battles at the front. Devastator players can help their allies to set up their abilities and skills during combat and use the right opportunity to get the most kills when the enemies are most vulnerable.

All Devastator Skills

Devastator has a total of eight effective and useful skills. They are mentioned below:

  • Earthquake: (Skill type: Seismic, Interrupt)
  • Golem: (Skill type: Protection)
  • Gravity Leap: (Skill type: Kinetic, Interrupt)
  • Reflect Bullets: (Skill type: Protection)
  • Impale: (Skill type: Seismic, Interrupt)
  • Tremor: (Skill type: Seismic)
  • Boulderdash: (Skill type: Kinetic, Interrupt)
  • Endless Mass: (Skill type: Kinetic)

outriders devastator skilltree

The Best Devastator Build

All of the above-mentioned skills and abilities get unlocked after further progression in the game. You may use any combination of these skills that you may find available at your level in the game or seem the most effective for you. But if you have unlocked all of them, then this is the most effective and useful combination of skills for the Devastator class according to our choice.

  1. Reflect Bullets: This creates a barrier around that captures all enemy projectiles and accumulates oncoming damage. After 10 seconds of activation of this skill, the accumulated damage is reflected back to enemies in front of the player. This barrier also protects against melee attacks by reflecting some of the damage back. This ability has a 22s CD. (Skill type: Protection)
  2. Tremor: This creates a series of explosions around you. Each of these explosions deals damage and drains Health from enemies within a medium radius around you. This ability has a 22s CD. (Skill type: Seismic)
  3. Boulderdash: On using this ability, your character will charge forward to Interrupt all enemies in your path and deal major damage to them. At the end of the Boulderdash charge, your character will smash the ground and, once again, deal damage to all enemies within a small radius around you. This also has a 22s CD. (Skill type: Kinetic, Interrupt)

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