Overwatch free to play over period, makers wishes fans with impressive artwork

Blizzard makes Overwatch free to play until next year, as well as some attractive graphics to wish fans a wonderful holiday.

Overwatch free to play

Overwatch free to play over some time

Right now, Blizzard is using one of its best Overwatch free to play promotions ever. All the general benefits of a free Overwatch free to play free trial are here. Players will be able to access the full game, which means they will be able to use all 32 heroes and 28 maps, including the new Kanezaka Deathmatch map. Also, if they purchase the game, all the progress they have made during the free trial will go even further. We just need to make sure the game is purchased on their account.

As for what makes advertising so different, free play time than usual, takes a full two weeks. Specifically, the trial will end on January 4, at the same time the Overwatch 2020 Winter Wonderland event ends. Blizzard usually runs free Overwatch free trials over the weekend.

Another unique feature is the commercial agreement, which expires on January 4 for PC and January 9 for console. Until those days, Overwatch was selling at half its normal price. The exact amount of the discount depends on what type of Overwatch players want to buy and which gaming machine they want to buy. That said, it is important to note that Blizzard does not use the Nintendo Switch version of the Overwatch version, so the “consoles,” in this case, refer to PS4 and Xbox One.

On a PC, the standard version of Overwatch is 25% off, while Overwatch: Legendary Edition is 50% off. In consoles, only the mythical type is sold, and so is the 67% discount. Conversely, standard PC rates cost $ 14.99 while Legendary costs $ 19.99, and Consoles’ Legendary costs $ 19.79.

Also, this is probably the best Overwatch upgrade Blizzard ever made for this game. Anyone who has never had Overwatch free to play before has two weeks to take it to a test drive and see if they like it.


Overwatch wishes fans a happy holiday with a wonderful artwork

Sharing the Overwatch art series on the game’s official Twitter account, Blizzard gives players another idea of ​​how the heroes of the game celebrate every year. This is new edition after Overwatch free to play trials.

The first art episode features members of the cast in a stylistic art style, with an unusual meeting between Overwatch hero Mercy and Talon member Sombra appearing on top of a piece of art. Mei can be seen making snowflakes in the left corner of the picture, with the assembled Soldier 76 standing to the right of the scientist and Hanzo inserting a gingerbread cookie behind her. Torbjorn and Junkrat are working on the exploding bottle of Reindeer, with Rohohog holding the turkey to the right of the image.

The following image seen in the “Happy Holidays” post shared on Overwatch Twitter uses the style seen in Overwatch comics. The beloved Overwatch candy tracer can be seen in front of a photo with a Christmas jersey, with Reinhardt sitting at a table behind him.

The third piece cuts easily, as it shows a young Overwatch fan staring at a tree covered with ornaments of game heroes. Tracer can be seen making rabbit ears on Winston’s head, while Torbjorn and his best friend Reinhardt meet together for another decoration.

Overwatch’s latest art featuring the greatest heroes, and sees most of the characters celebrate the holidays unlike fighting in the Winter Brawls. While the snow picture of the Overwatch logo in the middle of the piece is very eye-catching, there are plenty of fun details to capture. From Zenyatta asking about snowballs to Reindeer Orisa being placed on a cliff in the back, fans of the game should have a blast when they see their favorite characters spending time together.

Players who want to enjoy the content of the Overwatch free to play festival can still play the 2020 Winter Wonderland event. As the event does not end until January 5, fans of the game will be able to keep the holiday spirit alive for a while. Those who do not have a game can take advantage of the above-mentioned gift-playing game.

So make a good use of Overwatch free to play offer, until then happy gaming.