How to Defeat Trainer Sierra in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra

Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra: Coach Sierra is one of the leaders of Team Rocket Go players who will need to win in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players how to beat him in January 2021. Team Rocket has played a major role in the ongoing story of Pokemon Go. While the game is always very simple when it comes to its story, it often ends when Team Rocket does something wrong and the player needs to intervene to stop it.

These include stealing and saving Shadow Pokemon, taking their 12km eggs, and taking down top company officials. Sierra is one of the most challenging Team Rocket Leaders players to meet during their time at Pokemon Go. This guide will help players to Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra & lower their squad from January 2021.

Before the players can challenge Sierra, they will need to collect six mysterious parts. This is collected when players beat Team Rocket Grunts randomly on a map. Once the player has collected them all, they will meet to become Rocket Rocker where players can follow Team Rocket leaders. Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra.

Don’t let any of the other leaders get to Sierra Leone. Selecting another leader will require Rocker Rader and the player will need to hunt for pieces again. This battle is a traditional 3-on-3 Pokemon battle. Here’s what the players have to do to defeat him.

Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra

Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra (January 2021)

His team is a little different on this one. The best thing players can do is fight them and throw this fight back after exposing his full team. His second and third Pokemon will be different every time a player meets him. So build your team after finding out what it is worth. Here are the players you can expect to fight to Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra.

First Pokemon: Drowzee: The trainer must use a Pokemon with a powerful movement of Bug type or Dark type to take this down.

Second Pokemon: Sharpedo (Use Electric Type), Exeggutor (Use Fire Type), or Lapras (Use Fight Type)

Third Pokemon: Houndoom (Use water-based Pokemon), Shiftry (Use Fire-type Pokemon), or Alakazam (Use Ghost or Pokemon-type)

The important thing is to know what he has before he goes to war. There is no penalty for fighting him again (except for the unconscious Sack Pokemon team). Players can challenge him over and over again until they bring him down. Once you’ve got his setup, fight the right types, Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra and win the battle.

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Use this guide to Pokemon GO Defeat Trainer Sierra, Until then happy gaming.

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