Easy Guide to the Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go

If you want to know whole about Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go then this guide is for you.

Pokemon Go Rocket Grunts Guide

More about Rocket Grunts in Pokémon Go – Hey, Pokémon fans hope you are busy catching your favorite pokemon. So this time we are back with another guide. This time we are going to unfold all the mysteries of Team Rocket. So stay tuned.

Team Rocket:

Do you guys remember team rocket from the old Pokémon days?  How can one forget? The team with the most number of losses. Each and every episode of Pokémon ended by seeing them fly to the sky. So whatever may be the condition this time the game might have brought up another challenge called as Rocket Grunts? I don’t know why anyone would want to work with team rocket though. Let’s see what these grunts have with them.

Team Grunts Guide in Pokemon GO

Rocket Grunts:

If you want to know an organization with the maximum number of losses ten that’s where team rocket stands. Looking at their track record it is unbelievable to say that this org has recruited new guys. These are called rocket grunts. Just like their bosses these grunts also come in a group of three.

Rocket Grunts in Pokemon GO

Don’t Take Rocket Grunts lightly:

You might find Team rocket Noob on television but these grunts are not to be taken lightly. They might have added some changes to these grunts. Talking about their Pokémons, they don’t have any fixed number of Pokémons in their arsenal. It can vary from time to time. They can definitely beat you if you haven’t prepared earlier. Yes, the org has certainly raised its stakes after huge losses.


Grunts Pokémon:

As said earlier that the grunts don’t have any fixed Pokémon’s, but there is a set of expected Pokémon’s that the grunts have which might help you guys in battle.

  • Poison type:  Grimer and Nidoran. Counter with Ground-types like Golem and Rhyperior.
  • Normal type: Porygon and Raticate. Counter with Fighting-types like Machamp and Lucario.
  • Dragon-type:  Gyrados and Dragonite. Ice types like Mamoswine will work.
  • Water type:  Gyrados and Dragonite. Ice types like Mamoswine will work.
  • Grass type: angela and Oddish. Counter with Fire-types like Charizard.
  • Flying-type:  Zubat, Starly, and Dragonite. Electric types can be used.

So these are some expected Pokemons of the grunts.