Pokemon GO: Easy Guide to Toxicroak Raid

If you want to know all about Toxicroak Raid in Pokemon GO, then this guide is for you.

Pokemon GO Easy Guide to Toxicroak Raid

Toxicroak raid guide in Pokémon Go – Hello Pokémon go fans. Hope you guys are doing well. We have brought you a guide on the recent raid which is called the Toxicroak raid. So please go through the guide completely to get more info about the guide and the Pokémon.

Toxicroack in Pokemon GO:

Well, what a name this Pokémon has. I guess Pokémon universe was high while naming these Pokémon’s. Not only the names appearance powers etc. Each and everything is out of the universe. So talking about Toxicroach, This is one hell of a dangerous Pokémon. As by his name this Pokémon is a toxic Pokémon with a very unique blend of toxins. This Pokémon can definitely throw other Pokémons like a bag of potatoes.


So this Toxicroach is a fighting type Pokémon with a mix of poison as well. This gives this Pokémon a deadly combination. This Pokémon can resist to fighting, grass, rock, dark and poison type Pokémon. It is also resistant to bug-type Pokémon. This Pokémon is weak against flying type and ground type Pokémon. Psychic-type Pokémon seems to be a nightmare for Toxicroach.

Pokemon GO Toxicroak Raid Guide


So now let’s discuss its moves. So its two main quick moves are poison jab and counter. The first one is a poison-type move whereas the latter is a fighting type. Taking about the main moves this Pokémon has 3 main moves sludge bomb which is a poison-type move, mud bomb (ground type), and Dynamic punch which is a fighting-type move.

Pokemon GO Toxicroak Raid

Pokemon GO, Regarding the Raid:

So if you have read the whole guide you would have concluded that this Pokémon can be beaten with a psychic Pokémon only. Not only a normal psychic type, but we also need a heavy-hitting psychic type Pokémon. You can use Pokémon to have attacks like confusion and Psy strike against Toxicroach. If you have Pokémon’s having moves Zen head butt and Psycho boost you can absolutely bring Toxicroach to the ground. The best bet would be using Alkazam or Espeon against Toxicroach.

Toxicroak Raid in Pokemon GO