Pokemon Go: How to catch Lapras

It is a sturdy Pokemon and has extremely high stamina


When we first saw Lapras, I know we all fell in love with the majestic Pokemon. In the early Pokemon games, we were only allowed to have a single Lapras, and that too with a trade.

Inspired by the Loch Ness monster, the Pokemon has become quite common these days and can be found in the wild. As such, it’s better to have quite a good strategy to catch the Pokemon. العاب بينجو

So, here’s how to beat Lapras in Pokémon GO.

It is a dual Water/Ice-type, which means, in a rare instance, that its weaknesses outweigh its resistances.

It has affinities to the following:

  • Weaknesses: Fighting, Rock, Electric, Grass
  • Resistances: Water, Ice

Pokemon Go

Lapras has a lot of weakness which is a rare case, however, it has a natural defense: half of the types it’s weak against are themselves weak to moves Lapras knows.

Like, grass types are weak against Ice moves, and Rock types are weak against Water moves. موقع اسغارد So, if you fight Lapras with Rock or Grass types, you will fail miserably.

How to Beat Lapras in Pokémon GO

So, the best option which you can go with is to employ a Fighting-type. The best choices of which being Lucario or Conkeldurr. Both of these Pokémon can use Counter for their Quick Move, while Lucario can utilize Aura Sphere and Conkeldurr Dynamic Punch.

Well, to be on the safer side, it’s best to go with Lucario, as Aura Sphere provides higher DPS than Dynamic Punch. الكوبه اون لاين

Just remember that Lapras is a big and sturdy Pokémon, and it won’t go down without a fight. Don’t try to take one of these things on solo, as it simply has too much health for one Pokémon to handle on its own.