Pokemon Go announces Unova celebration event

Pokemon Go Unova celebration

Pokemon GO Unova celebration: Following the conclusion of the Kalos celebration event, Pokemon GO announces a new Unova celebration event with the introduction of a new shiny pokemon.

Pokemon GO has been collecting with its in-game events recently, adding a new Pokemon from the Kalos region, launching its Holiday event this week, and just yesterday announced a New Year’s event in the first few days of 2023.

Pokemon GO announced the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto, a special ticket-focused event focusing on the first 150 Pokemon from the Kanto region, aimed at celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise by 2023. Pokemon GO recently announced the Unova Celebration event as the next stop as part of the count of the Pokemon GO Tour: in Kanto in February.

Pokemon GO Unova celebration announcement

The game has announced that from January 5 at 10am to January 10 at 8pm local time, a special Unova Celebration event will feature a Pokemon game that was originally acquired in the Unova region. Although Pokemon GO hosted a Unova Week event this past August, it seems the game has not been well underway in the Unova region yet, as the festival will include Spardust award-winning Field Research and merge with Pokemon like Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, as well as new births. of Unova and other features.

Players will be able to discover Pokemon Go Unova celebration in the Pokemon region for 5km eggs, one star, three stars, and a five-star attack, and have a chance to meet Shiny Snivy in the wild. Genesect will return to the five-star attack on the Unova Celebration event, and for the first time, Genesis will be in charge of Burn Drive, turning the mythical attack on Pokemon’s Techno Blast into a kind of fire.

In addition, Mega Charizard Y will appear on Mega Raids from January 5 at 10 a.m. to January 12 at 10 a.m. local time. Pokemon GO also reveals that the Sinnoh Celebration event will take place from January 12 to January 17, and that players can expect the launch of a set of challenges, a new feature coming soon in the Today View game that will stream events at Pokemon GO Unova celebration.

While the announcement of another in-game match is very exciting, the inclusion of Shiny Snivy in the recently announced event raises questions. In the past, the glossy version of all the original Pokemon has not been released on Pokemon GO Unova celebration until its Public Day event, and since Snivy has not yet had its Public Day event, it is not uncommon to see a Shiny starter grass-type form appear first at the next Unova event Celebration.

January is already shaping up to be an exciting month for Pokemon GO, and it’s clear that players have a lot of surprises to look forward to as they enter the new year. As the game ends 2020 is incredibly dynamic, it looks like 2023 is already preparing to be a happy year for Pokemon GO.

Make a good use of Pokemon GO Unova celebration event. Happy Gaming.

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