Razer introduced project Brooklyn at CES 2023

The project is one of the most ambiguous concept devices introduced


At CES 2023, many major innovations and ideas were announced and out of all the presentations came one of the craziest and futuristic concept device ideas from Razer. The gaming laptops and accessories manufacturer introduced its Project Brooklyn.

According to the company, the new project will change the way how we immerse ourselves in gaming. The newly designed chair will have an OLED gaming display that can be deployed from the rear when needed. Razer HyperSense force-feedback, 4D armrests, the same cable management system from the Razer Raptor 27. مواقع ألعاب اون لاين

It is the most ambiguous and innovative gaming chair concept ever introduced.

This is the official press release from the manufacturer:

“With design inspiration from the Razer Iskur introduced in October 2020, Project Brooklyn takes leaps forward in user touchpoints, connecting the gaming chair to the display and its more functional components like armrests while still delivering on comfort from plush, high-density foam cushions that support your unique body shape. The leather-stitched seatback is constructed in a robust carbon fiber body to maintain perfect posture throughout gaming marathons. موقع ألعاب اون لاين

The adjustable platform on which the chair sits is complete with cable-routing and takes design cues from the Razer Raptor monitor. 365 كوره Mounted from the chair’s backbone and deployable with the touch of a button is a 60″ full surround OLED display for stunning visual detail. Folding into the chair back when not in use, the roll-out display assembly plunges you into the center of the action with crisp detail and a savory panoramic experience.

The fully transformable 4D armrests neatly tuck away collapsible tables with flexible ergonomics, allowing you to switch easily between PC gaming with a mouse and keyboard and console gaming. There are separate panels in each armrest, allowing for different keyboard and mouse ergonomics, and each half folds away when not in use.”