Resident Evil Village: 3 Useful Tips & Tricks

Resident Evil Village is one of the most anticipated and hyped titles that has finally come out in 2023. The eighth title to the famous Resident Evil Franchise is a perfect example of what a horror game should be like. The story picks up right where it was left off in the previous, i.e. Resident Evil 7. The protagonist of this game, Ethan Winters has to find answers behind the death of his wife and rescue his missing daughter.

The main focus behind this title’s story involves a gloomy village that has a shady looking castle, poking its head through the life evolving mist. As the Horror survival game goes, Resident Evil Village is no different and, in this case, it might be a little too difficult to survive. Keeping our composure and head together in Resident Evil Village, where even the fearless loses their courage, is very difficult amidst managing the vitals.

3 Tips & Tricks for Resident Evil Village

This article intends to give readers a sense of what to expect from the game and how players can be prepared for the mysteries and challenges ahead with 4 important tips & tricks.

1. Weapons

Weapons are something that requires some heavy Lei, the in-game currency, to be upgraded and one can only upgrade a handful of weapons through a single playthrough.

As you all may know by now, storage space is not something you are going to find in abundance in the game. Weapons themselves are among the ones that affect inventory and storage the most as they may take up to six to twelve slots of inventory space. 

Resident Evil Village

So it is wise to choose weapons that don’t take up much storage slots. Also, these weapons have to be impactful enough to afford to invest money and storage in them. There are a handful of weapon choices, try selecting two of your favourites which you will be taking along with you. The first weapons you get aren’t that strong so you better not waste money on them by upgrading. You will get better ones through the playthrough.

2. Preserve Ammo and Supplies

The game has its own currency system and, you guessed it right, ammo is one of such premium items that you will need to spend Lei on. Ammunition and other supplies are important and you can purchase them through the Duke’s shop. It is wise to preserve ammunition and other supplies, in opposition to wasting them on useless things. Only use these items when necessary and the circumstance is unavoidable.

3. Sell Valuables to make money

The in-game currency is, by far, one of the most important aspects of the game. Earning and maintaining Lei is crucial and you can earn a hefty amount of that by selling collectables like trinkets, crystalline body parts of the dead monster, crystals, etc. You will find much of these through playthrough, scouting around and defeating bosses and monsters.

The Duke

You can sell these to Duke, the merchant, in the game and earn some Lei which would be useful in Resident Evil Village.


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