Resident Evil Village: How to earn money

Save your ammunition and be smart

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Village is the upcoming entry in the horror-action genre of the already popular Resident Evil series. And the game will all sorts of mechanisms to the table and one such is the availability of the in-game currency Lei. I still don’t understand what they do with the currency in a Zombie infested world. لعبه طاوله

But still, there are many ways you can spend money, however, the currency is still scarcely available in the world. So it is recommended that as the player begins their journey, they use the money very cautiously.

So, this guide will help you in finding different ways that you can take to make a handful of Lei as you go about in the game.

Header 3 – how to make money

Hunting Animals

This is the first and the most basic method of making money in the game, and there isn’t any shortage of animals to hunt in the game. There are different types of animals: sheep, chickens, and pigs to name a few. The player can hunt these animals by killing them with their equipped firearm. 777 كازينو

The meat from these animals can be sold to Duke at his Emporium for Lei. However, you cannot simply rely on this method as the ammunition is expensive and can be hard to come by. So, it will be bad if you get attacked by a Zombie and your firearms run empty.

Another major hurdle is that the meat which is procured can be used to create meals from Duke’s Kitchen. افلام جاك بلاك Weighing the benefits of the meals versus the money gained from selling the meat is going to be a crucial decision depending on the situation.

Looting Furniture and Breaking Objects

While you explore the Village and the many dwellings within it, the player will stumble upon certain items of importance. These objects can be furniture such as dressers and breakable items like boxes. By searching the drawers in furniture, or by breaking items like boxes, players may discover hidden treasures to collect.

Loot From Enemies

The final method is to kill any enemy as you see it, after defeating the enemies, loot will be dropped by them. Defeat any enemy the player might come across, within reason. However, conserve the ammunition and don’t bite off more than you can chew.