Resident Evil Village: How to upgrade your weapons

Zombies will be unleashed on May the 7th

Resident Evil Village

The latest entry in the horror-action-shooter saga of the Resident Evil series will be here on May 7th and we need to be ready to face off against the tyrannical four families who are the antagonists for this entry.

The new game will have the players defending themselves from multiple deadly families, and as such weapon upgrades are a must for survival.

If you are a fan of the game like me then you know that your best friend is your weapons and it will do you good to have them upgraded to their max potential.

So, this guide will assist you in the preparation to face off against the evil families by teaching you how to upgrade their weapons.

How to Upgrade Weapons

First things first, you need to unlock and equip the weapon before you get to upgrade the weapon. Players will be able to gain access to newer weapons as they progress through the game. At the beginning of the game, the player will receive a pistol however, after only a few hours of gameplay, this pistol will become obsolete as the enemies around the Village become more dangerous and deadly. So for the aspect of survival, you have to upgrade your weapons.

For the upgrading process, first, find the weapon you wish to upgrade and then find a vendor named Duke. He provides a variety of services at his Emporium. كازينو 888 عربي One of these services is the Gun-smithy, where players can upgrade the weapons which they have collected.

Of course, the upgrade isn’t free and they are expensive, especially at the beginning of the game when players are just getting their footing with making money in the game. But after you have enough of the in-game currency, Lei, you can begin to upgrade your weapons with different types of enhancements.

Types of Weapon Upgrades

There are four major categories that the player can upgrade. The first is Power and it determines how much damage is done per round of ammunition. The second is the Rate of Fire, which increases how quickly ammunition can be shot in succession. The third being the weapons Reload Speed which determines the speed at which the weapon can be reloaded. And finally, we have the Ammo Capacity, which will increase how many rounds of ammunition a weapon’s magazine can hold when full. يورو 2023 مباريات

However, there is also a fifth category for which we advise the players to save up some Lei, and it’s the Attachments. Attachments for weapons can be very useful when trying to survive in Resident Evil Village. As any Resident Evil fan knows, survival is not easy in this universe. The game will surely be difficult as well as horrifying, however, surviving the enemies of the Village will be more engaging and gratifying. مباريات يورو 2024