Returnal: How To Destroy Shields

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Returnal Destroy Shields: In the Returnal, you often find enemies or doors protected by shoe barriers. This can be frustrating, as it protects the enemy, or it can block important things.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about red and yellow shoes and how to Returnal Destroy Shields.

Returnal Destroy Shields

How to Damage Red shields

Red shields often cover enemies to give them a protective layer to blow up your gun. To Returnal Destroy Shields of red, you need to use the Atropian Blade. Hit the enemy with his attack to break the shield. This will usually make them very quick.

Red shields can also block sidewalks and other interesting areas. If you want to break through them to get the most out of Atropos, simply hit the shield with an melee attack to cut into it.Returnal Destroy Shields

How to Damage the Yellow Shields

Yellow Shields often appear on doors, rather than enemies. Unlike red shields and obstacles, these cannot be broken by a basic melee strike. Atropian Blade will not be able to quickly cut this, as you will need to find some Artefact first for Returnal Destroy Shields.

To cut yellow shoes, you need to get the Blade Balancer art.

This can breed randomly in your adventure, so you need to cross your fingers if you want to get a yellow shield. Blade Balancer increases your melee damage, allowing you to cut with this long-lasting shield for Returnal Destroy Shields.

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However, it is important to know that everything that appears, including Blade Balancer, will disappear when you die. They do not stay on your list when the cycle resumes. Even if you get lucky and get a Blade Balancer if you die then all that will not be in vain, as you will have to blow all the purchases with Artefacts to Returnal Destroy Shields.

Returnal Destroy Shields

How to Destroy Vines

Although they are not as powerful as the Returnal Destroy Shields of the past, the vines can still get in the way of important things. These look like well-developed roots that cover the path, which may contain useful substances.

To destroy the vines and enter new areas, you can use the Atropian Blade, just as you do with red shields. Just beat yourself up and the vines will bring you back, allowing you to pass. You do not need an Artefact like Blade Balancer to destroy the vines. This is useful as it often appears in the original biome, Enlarged Ruins, where you may not have much material.

Use this guide to Returnal Destroy Shields, Until then happy gaming.

Returnal Destroy Shields