Returnal: How to break yellow barriers

Breaking them opens new loot areas and story monologues

Returnal Yellow Barrier Feature Title

The Returnal has many areas for players to explore and it contains lots of materials for players to exploit. Often various obstacles block the players paths and these obstacles may block players from progressing in the main storyline of Returnal.

However, the trick to easily bypassing these obstacles is to find the correct loot item. So today let’s talk about barriers in Returns. One of the first obstacles Returnal players will face is red glowing barriers.

They look like forcefields filling up doorways throughout Atropos. And if you don’t bypass these barriers then you won’t be able to continue the horrifying story of Returnal.

The tool to break open these barriers is the Atropian Blade found in the Overgrown Ruins. بطولة اليورو 2023 Using the Atropian Blade, a simple melee strike is enough to break red barriers. However, the tricky ones are the Yellow barriers which are not breakable with a strike of the base Atropian Blade. So, this guide will help you through the process of breaking through yellow barriers in Returnal.

Breaking Yellow Barriers in Returnal


First, as you proceed, players will have to locate the blade balancer and install it onto the Atropian Blade to break through yellow barriers. You can find the blade balancer upgrade as random loot, but that method of retrieval is not the most efficient one in Returnal.

Since Fabricators are scattered throughout Atropos, players can craft the blade balancer upgrade. Not all fabricators have the blade balancer available in Returnal, so locate a large fabricator in hopes of finding the blade balancer. العاب 150

You can find the Fabricators throughout Atropos in random locations, but players can generally find large fabricators along the paths of the main objective. In the Overgrown Ruins and Echoing Ruins you can find a more significant number of large fabricators, so search around those biomes for a good chance of finding one. beinoutq Once Returnal players locate a fabricator with a blade balancer available, you have to pay 250 Obolites to craft the upgrade.

Once the players have installed the blade balancer, the Atropian Blade is capable of breaking through yellow barriers with a basic melee strike. Behind the yellow barriers, you can discover areas filled with loot and details about the mysterious story of Selene in Returnal.

However, be extremely careful, because once you have installed the blade balancer, you have to mind one very important thing. It’s that when Selene dies with the blade balancer attached, it will be scrapped from players’ inventories, causing the Atropian Blade to regress to its original state. So, always a good idea to stay vigilant at all times in Returnal.