Sable: A beautiful upcoming Indie game


Sable was first debuted during the PC Gaming Show and Xbox E3 in 2018 and it had a different feel to it that had caught a lot of eyes.

The art style of the game, visuals, music and storytelling had everyone fell in love with the true beauty that Sable has to offer. The actual game is being developed by an entire crew of two people. The crew is also accompanied by the famous Meg Jayanath, the writer from ‘80 Days’ and popular musician Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast, which gives it a different kind of ambience.

About Sable

Sable is an RPG open world based game that concentrates on exploration. The game is developed by Shedworks, which is an Indie Studio consisting of a two-member army. The game’s lead designer is Gregorios Kythreotis and will be published by Raw Fury and Single Cell Software.

Instead of a single progressing storyline, Sable aims for many smaller stories that the player will be encountering along while interacting with the inhabitants of the game. These stories will piece together the storyline, all while learning and understanding the history and ways of the world.

The game’s protagonist is Sable, a young girl who finds herself between nomadic clans to find a rite of passage that will take her across vast deserts. Sable is accompanied by her hoverbike that can be used to travel around places in the world, alongside walking. This bike is fully customizable and this can be made throughout the game. The game has a climbing mechanism that will allow players to explore the vast lands without any restrictions.

Sable 1

Explore the unknown world and find secrets and collectables. You will meet many nomadic people that you can help along your journey. There will be puzzles along with the game which are solvable if the player wants to, it is not mandatory.


Sable’s Release Date

As talked about previously, Sable was first revealed with the PC Gaming Show and Xbox E3 in 2018 and had a possible release date somewhere in 2019. But it couldn’t make it by then, hence made the possible release date to be pushed into 2020, which also didn’t happen. Now it’s almost a month into 2023, and certain hints are marking a 2023 release date for the game. We can find that on Sable’s official page on Stam with a ‘Planned Release Date: 2023’.

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Gregorios Kythreotis, one of the two members of Shedworks studio, has talked about the release date in his recent blog post. He said that they had assumed the game would take two years in development but that estimate resulted to be very inaccurate. The game they were aiming for needs a lot of work and time to make as they don’t want to hurry and ruin the actual idea.



Sable is planned to be released on a vast mediums, this includes Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Xbox Series X/S.


We are really exicited and looking forward to the game. We really hope that everything pans out the way it is palnned.

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