Sea of Thieves- How to Report a Player [2023]

Sea of Thieves is arguably one of the greatest multiplayer, open-world, adventure game based on the sea, ships and pirate stuff. The game features an immensely vast world where players can work their way through to become the pirate they dream of. Find hidden treasures, fight other pirates, looting, making friends, and so much more is there to do.

But all multiplayer games share a common trait that is not acceptable for gamers. This includes players who cheat in games to ruin other player’s fun and experience and also those who portray toxic behaviour. The game is about Pirates but that doesn’t mean you can be offensive towards other players or cheat your way through with cheating software. After all, this is modern times, one should never acknowledge such demeaning behaviour and fight against such offences rather than avoiding.

Every report can change the community, little by little and pave its path towards an ideal and friendly game. This article intends all the necessary details which you would need to report such players and help to manage the Sea of Thieves community.

How to know if you need to report a player

First, we should know about the Community Code of Conduct, Pirate Code and other rules of the games and what kind of behaviours and actions are unacceptable and prohibited. The game intends to provide fun and a great experience to the players and keep harmony between the entire community. It is against any discrimination based on age, gender, race, caste, nationality, sexuality and disability. Harassment, bullying is absolutely unacceptable and so is Cheating or using illegal software in the game. There are several other rules and regulations for Sea of Thieves that you should check out from here.

Sea of Thieves

Guide to report a player in Sea of Thieves

If you come across someone, who is violating the above-mentioned rules & regulations of the Pirate Code of Sea of Thieves, you can report that player’s account. You can do so by creating a ticket on the Sea of Thieves support site with the proof you have of that person’s misconduct. Go to the previously mentioned website and scroll to the bottom, you will be able to find the ‘Still Need Help?‘ option. After that sign in to your Microsoft Account on the prompt window. After that, three sets of options will pop up. You can report a player for being toxic, having an inappropriate pet name or cheating, select the one that suits your problem.

You would need to provide the player’s gamer tag, who you want to report, attach screenshots or recorded video evidence of the misconduct by that player along with some context of the incident.


Having proper evidence and a clear context is important as it would determine how the team of moderators will act. This is important to eradicate the baseless or fake reports that may get submitted, so they can take action against players who have actually broken the rules. 


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