Sea Of Thieves: Ritual Skull Guide

Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull

Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull: Sea Of Thives is a treasure trove, but that treasure is not always a treasure. In the fun world of SoT, the Skulls also deserve a nice penny, too. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One of the many glittering skulls you may encounter on the waves is Ritual Skull.

Sorting through all sorts of treasures, missions, and demands can be tricky for a new player. There is so much you can do. In this guide, you will find out where to get Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull, what they are used for, and who will buy from you.


What Does a Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull Look Like?

The traditional skull looks like a skull. It has red markings on the front, and unlike other Bounty Skulls, Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull emit a white supremacy in the distance.

Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull

Where Can You Find Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull?

There are a variety of ways you can find Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull, and you may encounter others while completing quests and destroying Skelly ships. Here is where you can find the Ritual Skull.

Skeleton Fleet Captain Ship – Have you ever seen a floating ghost ship on the horizon? That’s Skeleton Fleet’s global event. Take a boat and you will be attacked by many Skeleton ships, with the last ship from the waves into the Captain’s Ship. It is much larger than anything else and the Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull came down when it was smashed to pieces.

Skeleton Ships – If you want to farm the Ritual Skulls, the Skeleton Fleet event is a good idea, as regular Skeleton Ships can dump the Skulls.

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Sarin Stash Voyage Journey of Larinna – You may have noticed Larinna standing near the entrance of the tavern on various foreign islands. Once a month he offers Skull Stash Voyage, which can be purchased for 40 Doubloons. This demand confirms the Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull.

Ashen Winds Event – Another global event, you can see the location of the Ashen Winds by keeping your telescope trained on the horizon. Look at the pillar of red flame. The King of Ashen will appear here – like Captain Grimm, or Old Horatio – setting up a certified Ritual Skull.


Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull

What Are Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull Used?

A traditional Head is needed to complete the Fort of the Damned. This picturesque island fortress is located in the Sea of ​​Thieves in the area of ​​the Ancient Isles. The process after completing the Fort of the Damned is much more complicated than throwing the Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull there. Here’s what you need to know.

Flames of Destiny – To activate the Fort of the Damned raid and you need to get 6 Flames of Fate. He collects this by dying in a series of different paths and draws flames from the Damned boat (the ghost ship you go to when you die). You need to die with a shark, fire, bones, lightning, a poisonous snake, Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull and other pirates in the Sea of ​​Thieves.

At The Fort – Put flames around the center room – you can’t miss the photos with their lights – and prepare for the start of the attack.

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Place a Traditional Headboard on Headless Bones – When the lights are on, the room will open with headless bones inside. Place the Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull where its head should be and the invasion will begin.

Battle – Waves of Skeletons will appear in color matching the lights. You will need to light the appropriate colored lamps on them before cutting them into bits. The last ruler, the Ghost of Graymarrow, will give birth when the waves are defeated.

Fort of the Damned is a great way to get your hands on a lot of wealth, but also a target for predators who hunt for PvP and easy prey. Because your team is involved with other skeletons, it can prove that it is a nightmare to protect your ship (and your loot) from invaders. Prepare for battle.

Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull

Can You Sell Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull?

If you are too busy to spend your time at Fort of the Damned, Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull can be sold for quick profit with Larinna at the tavern, or at Servant of the Flame at Reaper’s Hideout. Larinna will give you 10 Doubloons, and harvesters will give you more than 25 with a Level Five Emissary flag. Harvesters will also give you a Dummy and Emissary price if you fly their flag.

Use this guide to know everything about Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull.